Bay Watson is based in Morton Baggot, contracting makes up the main part of his business but he also runs 350 ewes.

Bay explained, „We have been in operation for 10 years now. Initially we were involved in round bale contracting and dairy. Five years ago, we got out of milking cows and decided to expand the contracting side of the business. The contracting is mostly seasonal consisting of baling and wrapping in the summer however we also have a big muck spreader that fills in most of the gaps in the winter“.

On the contacting side of the business Bay does between nine and ten thousand bales per year, which can be broken down into 80% haylage and 20% silage.

Bay has been using McHale products for 8 years, when asked about this he said „we first had a 991B and we were impressed with that and we wanted to do squares so we bought the 998“.

Asked why he chose to buy a 998, Bay explained „Because it was the most reliable and it was the only one that could do our numbers. The 998 is also good because you can get two bales on the machine at the same time“.

When asked about what he particularly liked about the 998, Bay told us „You only have to press auto start and it will do the whole cycle for you. I also like the way you can put more plastic on the corners of the bales by changing the settings on the box“.

When asked about back up service Bay said “ I wouldn’t know, as I never had any problems“.