Martyn Maisey is based in Chippehham in Wiltshire. He explained to us

„I inherited the farm from my father 22 years ago when we were mainly dairy with a few beef. Now I only fatten cattle and graze 250 texel ewes. It’s a simpler life, with smaller tractors needed and less overall input. The contracting side of the business has only been a recent addition“.

Martyn said
„I focus the majority of my time on my 250 acre farm in Wiltshire, also maintaining a further 100 aces of grazing pasture on the edge of Bath. I have also invested more time and more in the contracting sector recently. I now bale around 3,500 bales of straw and silage a year and wrap up to 1,000 bales for customers and myself. The extra works brings in much needed equity to the farm“.

Martyn explained that he decided to buy a McHale machine because „I searched the market after selling my kverneland wrapper. The wrapper ended up a bale count over 6000 bales and had a sharp edged tailboard, which would weaken the plastic, often ending in split bales. I viewed newer kverneland wrappers but they did not meet my expectations. I then went to a friend’s farm and saw his new McHale 991 and was very pleased. He gave me a quick demo and I was sold on the practical and reliable design. I later went to my local dealer to get more information, and after a short time purchased my new McHale 991BJS bale wrapper“.

After using his McHale bale wrapper Martyn explained “ One of my favourite features must be the simple yet effective cut and tie mechanism on the 991 BJS. It never lets me down, even when I’m wrapping in hot conditions and the wrap is hot. My previous kverneland lacked in this area and often slipped when trying to grab the wrap“.

Martyn then commented „the ground supported damper on the 991BJS is also a great feature and I never seem to damage a bale when unloading. This is crucial when I’m just not wrapping for myself“.

Martyn bought his machine from T.H. White in Whiltshire and said „the dealers‘ service was friendly and really helped me in my decision“.

Martyn commented on his business “ Well to say whether my business is seasonal or not is a question for you. I still have to feed the cattle during the winter and lamb the ewes in spring. But I only really undertake contracting work in the summer months when there is work around“.

Martyn finished up by saying „I would like to say how pleased I have been with my McHale 991BJS wrapper and I will certainly consider looking at buying a baler from you in the future after the other one has given up“.