Richard Corbridge has been contracting since 2001 in Derbyshire.

Over the last eight years, Richard has been mainly involved in round and square baling. In spring 2007, Richard made a conscious decision to finish with the round bale outfit and then purchased a McHale 998 to wrap his square bales of haylage.

When asked why he chose to buy a McHale machine Richard told us
„after running a round bale outfit for numerous years, my haylage and hay customers decided they wanted to go down the square bale road, so after running a McHale 991B and there after a McHale HS2000 the McHale 998 seemed to be the right machine to buy for reliability and speed!”.

Richard purchased his 998 square bale wrapper from Wardmans of Matlock who are a very good McHale dealer in the region. Overall Richard was „very impressed with the strength of the machine”.

Richard said that the majority of his work is done during the summer months and „the winter months are taken up delivering hay and haylage”.

On McHale Service Richard commented
„the back up service from McHale has been very good, not that there has been much need, apart from a small electric problem early one morning that Gerry soon came out and put right after a call to Mike Walsh, very good service!”.