Andrew started contracting in 1998 and concentrated on round baling. Andrew’s first McHale machine was a 991B in 1999.

Andrew and Malcolm run two V660 Variable Chamber Balers and two Fusion 3 Integrated Baler Wrappers. Andrew and Malcolm do 30,000 bales per year. Of the 30,000 bales per annum – 20,000 are silage, 7,000 are straw and 3,000 are hay in a normal year.

Andrew started running a Fusion 2 in 2010. Andrew explains “Around that time more and more farmers started to ask to have their grass tedded and raked. Without taking on someone else we were short a man for the wrapper so we looked at the Fusion system and liked it.”


Andrew explains that last year his two Fusion 3’s handled the majority of the silage work which amounted to 20,000 bales.

“Over the years people have started to focus on silage quality and have realised that they can get more milk from their cows if they improve their feed quality. We developed a reputation for good quality bales and could not do any more with one baler so we bought a second. We looked at other combination baler wrappers when we decided to buy a second machine but found they could not match the Fusion in terms of intake or output.”

Andrew concluded, “Since we bought a McHale we have never looked back, we got a lot more work due to the bale quality. The bales are wrapped instantly so there is no contamination from the ground.”