David and Luke Powell have a beef and sheep farm in South Wales. On the farm they use 1,000 bales per year. During the summer months, they also run a contracting business which does 6,000 bales per year. They do mainly silage with a small amount of hay and straw.

David has been contracting for 25 years, in the summer months he does baling and wrapping and in the winter month he spreads slurry and does a small amount of hedge cutting.

David explained “We have been using McHale wrappers for the last 20 years and bought our first McHale baler in 2005 from JG Plant. Over the years we have upgraded as new models came along and we are now on our fourth McHale baler”



“Our F5500 will bale anything you put in front of it – it will bale it. The F5500 is very reliable and produces good shape bales” remarked Luke.

David told us “We have had no problem with bearings or rollers in any of our 4 baler’s over the last 11 years. Over the years we changed our balers every two to three years and have noticed that the second hand value with the McHale balers we traded in was tremendous. We bought our last machine from Rob Edwards. The dealer we used to deal with stopped selling McHale so we moved dealer, the product is that good.”

Luke informed us that “We row up the grass into 27ft rows and the F5500 is good to take a large row – it’s a hungry baler. We normally chop with 15 knifes for our dairy customers and for one sheep farmer and the chop quality is very good.”

David concluded “A lot of Farmers buy McHale in our area. I think anyone considering buying a baler should look closely at McHale as it’s more reliable as anything else. It’s built a lot better and stronger and the control box on the F5500 is simple and easy to use.”