Helmut Hadwiger – McHale Fusion 3 Plus

Helmut Hadwiger is a farmer who also runs a contracting business in Austria comprising of mowing, baling, manure spreading and snow clearing. He makes bales of silage, haylage and hay totalling 4,500 bales. Helmut is very pleased with the McHale Fusion 3 Plus he purchased one year ago because of the easy to use control monitor and the excellent bale shape.


When asked why he chose the McHale Fusion 3 Plus, his answer was simple – he wanted to differentiate himself from his competitors and provide farmers with a higher quality of forage with less waste. Helmut says “The film on film wrapping results in less mouldy silage forming in the bale which means the farmer has less waste due to the film expelling the air better than net.”

Reviews - Helmut Hadwiger -McHale Fusion 3 Plus

Helmut Hadwiger -McHale Fusion 3 Plus

Helmut is extremely satisfied with the weight and shape of the bales the McHale Fusion 3 Plus is making, as are his customers who have seen an improvement in their fodder since they have started feeding film on film McHale Fusion 3 Plus bales. Overall, Helmut finds the machine very easy to use and this was an important factor in purchasing this machine as Helmut is a new entrant to round bale contracting.