McHale Fusion Vario. Seeing is believing.

Since its release here in 2012, many farmers and contractors have opted for the smooth versatility of the Fusion 3 Vario, McHale’s variable chamber high-output baler wrapper combo.

When Kellie Berry is baling and wrapping for clients in the Hunter Valley, she often sees drivers slow down to watch the Fusion Vario.

“It’s surprisingly easy to manoeuvre and so fast, the way it turns out the bales.  The bales are nice and tight, and with the inbuilt camera, I can see exactly what’s going on.

“I can’t get over how easy it is to use.  Everything is done automatically, and when I turn it off, the work’s finished.  No need to go back and do the wrapping.

“I’ve never seen anything so good and so efficient,” she said.  “It’s massive time saving for us and for the clients.”

Kellie and Brian Berry established Wirralee Partnership Contract Baling ten years ago.

They offer hay contracting, direct drill seeding and fertiliser spreading, to clients mostly within a 40km radius of the Berrys’ home base at Dungog.

They bought the Fusion Vario late August 2015 through Thompson’s Farm Gear at Wauchope and Modern Motors at Dungog.

Kellie said they looked at other brands including the Lely Tornado and the Kuhn baler wrapper but the decision came down to the machine that had a better, more integrated build, high quality engineering and a strong reputation for reliability.

“It’s what our clients count on: reliability.  We’ve got to be there when they need us and get through the work without breakdowns.  When we talked to farmers and contractors at field days, the word we kept hearing with McHale was ‘reliable’.”

The Fusion Vario can produce bales of hay and straw from 0.6m to 1.68m, and silage rolls from 1.1m to 1.45m.

The two-metre pickup has five tyne bars with tynes spaced at 70mm to allow maximum crop intake, which feeds through uniformly to a spiral-toothed rotor.

Kellie said activating the drop floor clearing was very simple when she caught up a piece of wood.  It is all achieved hydraulically from the cabin.

Bales are formed by three wide high-strength endless belts driven off two drive rollers.  The constant pressure system maintains density from the core outwards.

The net wrap system is designed for easy loading and the amount of net applied adjusts automatically when the size of the bale is changed.

Twin satellite vertical wrapping can apply 6 layers of film in 30 seconds.  The operator is notified when film runs out and wrapping continues at a slower speed until the second satellite is finished and the driver can replace both rolls at once.

The Berrys’ Fusion Vario has done 5,250 silage and hay bales this season with a John Deere 150hp tractor.

“At the end of the day, you drive out of the paddock and you’re done.  No more late nights.  I really love this machine.  It just works,” Kellie said.

“And when clients ring to book us, they know we’ve got other gear but they say, just bring the McHale.”

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