Richard Andrews grew up on a farm and started contracting after he left school. Richard is still farming and keeps 120 beef cattle. During the summer months, Richard concentrates on round baling, wrapping and mowing and in the winter Richard spreads slurry, shifts muck and looks after the farm.

Richard bought his first McHale 991B round bale wrapper in 2003. He then went on and bought his first McHale Fusion Integrated Baler Wrapper in 2005.

“With the Fusion we make between eight and ten thousand bales per year, we also do between eight and ten thousand bales with our Hesston, we work in a 15 – 20 mile radius of our yard. A wrapping contractor comes in and wraps the square bales of silage.”

Richard explained that the area he bales in with the Fusion is “hilly enough and we go up some narrow laneways. I like the Fusion because it is compact, a lot of the other combinations are much longer and the bale transfer would not be as reliable on the hills.”


“Before McHale made a baler we used to run Welgers, we started with 200’s and then went on to 220’s. On the McHale balers I like the build quality, the heavy duty bearings and the large chains.”

Richard explained “The Fusion has fundamentally changed the business, I bought the Fusion to cut down on a second man and to speed the job up.”

Richard said as a result of purchasing the Fusion “Dad did not have to be out wrapping and I did not have to go back and wrap bales late at night. With the Fusion we can get a lot more done in a lot less time, as a result I have more time to do more bales or do other things”

Richard bought a new Fusion in early 2014 and this has now done the 2014 & 2015 seasons. Richard said “We bought the machine with selectable knifes as our chopping requirements vary from customer to customer but with the selectable knifes I can drop the knives or choose to chop with a half set of knifes or a full set of 25 knifes from the tractor cab.” Richard has upgraded his Fusion for the 2016 season with Wardman’s of Matlock who provide a good range of parts and after-sales service.

Richard said “Farmers are very happy with the bales we make, a lot of other machines do not put as much in the bale – new customers probably comment on this most. The dairy men that are using diet feeders like a fine chop and the Fusion does a good job of chopping the bales for them.”

Richard advice is “For anyone thinking about a combination, the Fusion is definitely a machine to have a look at as it is the best on the market. The control box on the Fusion is very simple, for a machine that is fully automatic the box is not complicated and is very user friendly. The build quality and back up service from McHale is very good.”