Robert Hamilton worked for a contractor in 2001, when the contractor he worked for was exiting the business Robert took on the 2000 bales he was doing.

Robert took on the business and built it up and now works within a 40 mile radius of his yard. During the summer months, on the grass side of the business Robert runs a Forager and two Fusion 3 Plus machines and in the winter Robert mainly concentrates on hedgecutting and gritting.

Robert ran another green baler for a few years and then moved over to a McHale Fusion in 2009 which he bought from his local McHale dealer, Ramsey and Jackson. Robert said “The Fusions performance was like night and day in comparison to the baler he previously ran. McHale did what it said on the tin whereas other brands didn’t. The McHale does the job perfectly every time, it is a different machine altogether to anything else on the market”

“We put 30 ft of grass in at a time and the Fusion 3 Plus works away no bother. I think a 30ft row is a perfect match for the intake” commented Robert.

In an average year Robert does 19,000 bales per year which breaks down into 16,000 bales of silage and haylage and 3,000 bales of straw. Robert said “We cover all sort of ground from soft peaty to rolling hills and the Fusion transfers the bale every time. We chop about 25% of the bales we do per year. For our bigger customers we do 1,000 plus bales and for the smaller guys we do on average 200 bales per year but that sometimes depends on weather and grass growth.”

Robert told us “We do all our own maintenance and it is easy to maintain and well designed with maintenance in mind, we normally change the chains between 22,000 and 26,000 bales and with the automatic greasing and oiling the machine looks after itself.”

“The Fusion is simple to use and easy to train new drivers on, if there is any teething problems with new drivers, the machine is so simple the problem can be solved over the phone.”

Robert states “In 2014, we bought a Fusion 3 Plus as we wanted to offer something better than anyone else and stay ahead of the game.”

Robert says “I think the film on film is great as you’re producing a bale which is 3 inches smaller than a netted bale as the chamber film compresses it further so it gets more air out. We do all film on film bales on our own farm and find the film on film bales are much easier to handle than net and film bales as they hold their shape better and as there is a consistent 8 layers of film around the bale they are less prone to damage, I feel more and more customers will use film on film over time as the bales hold their shape much better and the quality of the silage is much better.”

Robert likes the control box on the Fusion 3 Plus as he says “The camera on the box means one less box in the cab and if changing tractors you do not have to change over multiple boxes or re-mount cameras.”

“No question that the McHale Fusion is the best machine choice in the combination market – Very well built product, well-engineered, not overly complicated, good back up service sums it up.”