SW Witham & Sons is a contracting business in the Norwich area that has been in operation since the 60’s when Stephen Witham founded the business. In the late 70’s, Stephen’s sons, Alan and Stephen Junior joined the family business and since then have grown the business to provide a wide range of services such as round baling, hedge cutting, muck & lime spreading, sugar beet harvesting and digger work.






SW Witham & Sons run four McHale V660 Variable Chamber baler and a McHale Fusion Vario . They produce over 53,000 bales each year. The majority of these bales are straw which accounts for 35,000 bales while silage and haylage make up 8,000 and 10,000 bales respectively.

The Witham’s choose the McHale V6 balers to bale all of their straw as it allows them to produce larger size bales up to 5’ 6”. Stephen Junior also told us that “The McHale is the best machine to cope with rotary combine straw. We’ve had many different makes of balers in the past but none manage the heavy swath like a McHale.”

Alan Witham told us the reason they chose to purchase a McHale V660 was because “We liked the heavy duty build quality and look of the V6. It also produces well shaped bales compared to other balers we ran in the past.”

Stephen Junior added, “We are also very happy with all the other McHale machines we run. There is an excellent back up service, so we knew it was a safe option going with McHale.”

The Withams noted that the pick-up and intake are very good on the McHale V660, “the secondary drive roller is also a big advantage and really helps get through a heavy crop, particularly when baling wet short silage, producing a well-shaped bale”, Alan commented

The operators that use the McHale V660 for SW Witham & Sons told us; “The bale density on the McHale is excellent, the V660 will take anything in and pack it into a uniform bale with an easy to use netting system, as balers go it is a pleasure to drive.”

Stephen and Alan commented that back-up was a major factor in the decision to purchase a McHale V660 baler, “We have brilliant back-up from our dealer, Nicholsons. They are always there to help out. That was a big factor when we moved to McHale balers – McHale are always listening to their customers .”