William Morrin runs an arable farming and contracting business in Enfield, Co. Meath. William’s main tillage crops are wheat, barley and oil seed rape. William is kept busy with the arable farm and also does contract baling and wrapping as well as tillage work. During the winter months, William also does some haulage work which mainly focuses on lowloader work and grain drawing.

There is a strong history of contracting in William’s family. “My father bought his first conventional square baler in 1967 when he was 17. In 1984 he was one of the first men in the area to buy a round baler and in 1994 he started to deal with McHale when he bought his first 991B round bale wrapper.”



William’s contracting business covers a 20 mile radius from his yard. “We have ran combination baler wrappers since 2001 and in 2006 we bought our first McHale Fusion. Since then we have never had to put a bearing or roller in any of the Fusions we used”

“The Fusion is a much simpler machine than the previous combinations we ran, the other combinations were not balers everyone could drive whereas the Fusion is. Overall the Fusions make a better bale and have never given any bother, you could say they have been trouble free.”

“We changed to two Fusion 3 Plus for the 2015 season and our customers really like the film on film. No one we do film on film for would go back to net, it produces perfect silage. The bales are smaller as the film goes on tighter than net and this forces the air out of the bale. The bales keep their shape better in the stack, we have bales at home stacked 3 high and they are the same shape as the day they came out of the baler.

“We make all 30ft rows for in front of the balers, the Fusion 3 Plus is good to take crop in a big row so we often get the same output as three other balers in these conditions. We do between 15 and 20,000 bales per year.”

“Before we bought the Fusion 3 Pluses, we were putting on extra wrap for a lot of our customers, now with the Fusion 3 plus it costs the same but the film is better distributed across the bale which produces better silage. The Fusion 3 Pluses are great to chop. The machine has a good fast bale transfer that is reliable and works every time regardless of the crop being baled or if you are working on hills.”

“Since we have bought the Fusion 3 Pluses we have picked up a few more jobs where people bought bales we had done and saw the quality the film on film system was producing.”

“To anyone looking at a combination for 2016 William would have to advise them “For reliability and service McHale can’t be bet. We bought the Fusion’s from Lyons and Burton in Kilcock and Chris Dolan and the team there have looked after us well.”