McHale – History

historyAn insight into the development of a family company, which has established itself as a leading provider of fixed and variable chamber round balers and round & square bale wrappers.
“The company evolved from a farm machinery retail outlet which is still in existence today. This background has provided an excellent foundation for the design and manufacture of farm machinery, due to the direct contact with the end user.”

– Martin McHale

“Over the years, developing the McHale Sales Network I have met a lot of very interesting machinery importers, dealers and customers who have made suggestions as to how we could better tailor our machines to meet their needs. McHale as a company has always been very responsive to market needs and I take great pride in managing a company that delivers solutions which do the job better”

– Martin McHale

“In the early years the West of Ireland provided an ideal testing ground where the terrain and climate was more demanding on machinery than anywhere else in Europe.

Since 2002 we have also conducted extensive pre production testing in Northern Europe and New Zealand. As far as possible we will continue to deliver high output practical solutions, which provide superior output to our world wide customer base.

I still get the same satisfaction from spending time in the field developing machines with customers that I did 30 years ago. A close relationship to the customer base and delivering superior solutions in line with customer requirements is the key to any good business.

With that in mind I would like to thank all our customers for their invaluable feedback and help and support down through the years”

– Padraic McHale


Mid 1970s

McHale Farm Machinery was established and started to deal in machinery and tractors in the West of Ireland.

Early 1980s

McHale was founded by brothers Padraic and Martin McHale when they saw a need for machinery to cut pit silage in the West of Ireland. At the time machines, which were being imported, found it hard to deal with the ryegrass in the area. As a result the brothers decided to design a machine, which would do a better job. The first product was a “Silomac” Blockcutter. A range of slurry pumping equipment followed this.Both brothers still actively work in the business. Padraic manages the production and research and development areas while Martin manages the Sales and Marketing Functions.


McHale manufactured its first round bale wrappers and made a conscious decision to specialise in this area. In the early years a lot of time was spent developing this product in line with end user requirements. The company subsequently developed a range of round bale wrappers for field and static wrapping.


McHale established a dealer network in the UK and also began to export machines to Europe.


McHale expanded beyond Europe and the first machines were exported to Australia


McHales’ first square bale wrapper was launched on the market. From here the company developed a range of Square wrappers for field and static wrapping.


McHale actively began to pursue the New Zealand Market in 1996. However machines had been working here since the early 1990s when customers had imported them from Europe.


McHale launched the 998 high output twin dispenser square bale wrapper on the market. Since then the 998 has established itself as the fastest square bale wrapper on the market.


McHale build a purpose built production facility to cope with the increased demand for its product.


McHale launched the HS2000 high output twin dispenser round bale wrapper on the market.


McHale entered the round baler market with the introduction of a combined/ integrated baler wrapper the McHale Fusion. This machine consisted of a heavy-duty baler with an integrated wrapping ring. The machine had a patented bale transfer which gives a positive transfer and a number of key selling points.


McHale developed a fixed chamber round baler (the McHale F550) from the Fusion design. This baler shares 85% of the components of the Fusion.


McHale set up a second manufacturing facility in Szolnok in Hungary.


McHale added two additional fixed chamber round balers to its F5 fixed chamber round baler range. The F540 non-chopper baler and the F560 – 23 knife fully automatic baler.


After three years of research, development and testing McHale launched its first variable chamber round baler the V660 at agritechnica 2009.

McHale Today

Exports account for 90% of sales and McHale round balers, round bale wrappers, square bale wrappers and integrated baler wrappers are sold in over 50 countries across six continents. This success is attributed to the company philosophy of specialisation, R & D and intensive testing in the field.McHale has ISO9002 accreditation and has made significant investments in the latest production technology – CNC laser cutting equipment, robotic welders and the latest CAD – CAM design and manufacturing systems.