When Don Lemin was asked about his McHale 991BE round bale wrapper, his comment was that they were “the Rolls Royce of wrappers”, I’d heard about these wrappers and I did a lot of checking around but no matter where I looked or what question I asked, McHale always came up as number one”

Mr Lemin runs a successful contracting business at Lancaster near Kyabram. “It’s a family owned business, we’ve been operating it for about ten to twelve years now. We’ve got two of the 991Bs. We were just operating on the one but things started to get so busy. Once we bought the second McHale things boomed, we just haven’t looked back”.

Reliability was one thing that Mr. Lemin mentioned being most critical, above all else. “Look, what I’m delivering is the dairy farmers’ bread and butter – food for their cows. If I break down what happens to them? You only have a limited window of opportunity to get these bales wrapped so that the farmers can pick them up and store them. Usually about four hours is as long as you have got – and if you’re going to break down you’re not going to get the job done and you’re not going to get a lot of repeat business are you?”

“Another thing I like about the McHale is it’s cheap to run, give it a service once a year and it’s basically maintenance free. Because it’s tractor driven with the tractor just idling most of the time, diesel consumption is at an absolute minimum. And they’re easy to figure out, even for a new operator, it’s all remote control, once you’ve used it a couple of times you’ve got the hang of it, its certainly not rocket science.”