Conor McKenna farms in Killybrone, Co. Monaghan and makes seven or eight hundred bales of silage per year.

Conor explained “we decided after a year of busted bales that we would wrap our own bales in the future. We knew from talking to a local dealer that the 991BJS was a good reliable machine and that McHale was a very trustworthy group and backed their ideas up”.

Conor has been using McHale machines since 2001. When asked what feature he liked on the 991BJS Conor told us; “I like the easy,  yet clever idea of a joystick, it leaves it easy for any man to use the machine. I also like the cleverness of the cut and tie mechanism, it means the operator has seldom to leave the tractor”.

Conor bought his bale wrapper from Eamonn Tinney and Sons in Letterkenny. He said “I have been very happy, as whenever we were unsure of anything they were always there to provide great friendly and ready help.”

When asked if he was happy with the McHale Service, Conor commented;
“Yes thankfully, we have never had many problems due to McHale’s reliable machines, but whenever we were unsure they had someone at the farm or on the phone as soon as possible”.