Geoff Thomas, his wife Yvonne and their son Rhodri run a contracting business at Pantycoch, near Fishguard in Wales.

Over his years contracting Geoff Thomas has had over eleven different balers.

He first saw the McHale F550 at the Smithfield Show in London in 2004, where McHale announced their entry into the Fixed Chamber Round Baler Market.

Geoff admits that he was impressed by the baler’s build strength
“It was 500kg heavier than my pervious brand” he commented. He also knew that his local dealer J.E. Lawrence & Sons, had a good reputation for the back up service it provides.

Those two factors led to the arrival of an F550 at his base in Pantycoch, near Fishguard for the 2005 Season.

On the machine’s performance Geoff commented, “it’s a very quick baler. The spiral rotor seems to have the ability to clear the pick up quickly and it has no problem handling lumpy swarths”.

Geoff noted that “on several occasions we ran the McHale F550 and the other baler side by side; the McHale kept going when the other one had to slow down”.

With the McHale F550 average hourly output was 55 bales per hour, up over 10 bales more per hour on the previous brand owned.

In relation to the features, Geoff also liked the greasing and oiling system, the drop floor unblocking system and the in-cab control box which Geoff described as “comprehensive but straight forward to use.”