Ingar Vestad works on a farm in Norway where they run five McHale machines; three Fusion 2’s and two F550’s. They do approximately 37,500 bales a year of silage and straw. Ingar had this to say about their McHale products; “Very reliable. There is a lot of grass compacted into the bales. The compact size of the combi baler is also very practical, as is the fast operation (wrapping etc.) of the machine. Our customer’s say there is much more grass in McHale bales compared to other balers they’ve had”.

When asked about what features of their McHale products they particularly liked, Ingar commented, “The control box is great and easy to understand, even for an inexperienced crew. It is easy to switch knifes, and changing the plastic wrappers is also fast. There is a fast transfer of the bale from the chamber to the wrapper, and they don’t break!”