Liam Trench runs a very successful contracting business from his base in Garryduff, which is just outside Claremorris in Co. Mayo. Liam bought his first Fusion in 2004, and bought a Fusion 2 in 2007.

Liam purchased his first Fusion in 2004. After three seasons the machine had done 47,000 bales. Liam considered changing the machine at the start of the season and looked at the Fusion 2. Liam purchased a Fusion 2 but the way the season fell, he decided to keep his old Fusion so that it would allow him to spread the workload.

Looking back on the season Liam commented,
“So far the Fusion 2 has now done 15,000 bales and has performed very well. Overall the Fusion 2 is a higher performance machine with a better intake and a higher output”.

One of the biggest improvements Liam saw with the machine was the simplified bale transfer, Liam commented:

“On the older Fusion the inside wrapping roller moved up and down to allow the bale to come out of the chamber as it was being transferred from the baler to the wrapper. In normal conditions this did not pose a problem but sometimes in very wet conditions the bale could be squeezed as it was moved into the wrapping position and sometimes it was hard to get the bale to start wrapping”.

“On the Fusion 2 the transfer has been simplified as the drop roller has been removed. Now the bale passes directly from the bale chamber to the wrapper, as a result the machine is faster and more reliable”.

“The Fusion 2 also performs better in hills as the bale transfer is simpler and more positive as the bottom half of the chamber travels higher to transfer the bale”.

“This season when we worked the Fusion and Fusion 2 side by side we noticed that the Fusion 2 travelled better in the wet conditions as the machine is 500kg lighter in weight”.

“There is less down time in relation to cleaning down the machine due to the new chassis design. On the older machine a lot of grass used to build up on the beam behind the pick up; on the new chassis this beam has been removed and as a result downtime has been reduced significantly”.

“The new control console is definitely a bonus, with the large graphic display it is easy to see what stage the machine is at in the cycle. Overall, it makes the machine more user friendly”.