Tjerk Okkema runs a contracting business in Easterein in Holland and runs two McHale Fusions. In a normal year Tjerk does 10,000 bales, this can be broken down into 6,000 bales of silage, 1,500 bales of haylage, 2,000 bales of hay and straw, and 500 bales of Lucerne.

Tjerk explained “Our company is in existence for 60 years and we work throughout the year for farmers, communities, building contractors and we also do some private and civil work”.

When asked why he chose to buy the McHale machine, Tjerk told us ” we visited your company and bought the first Fusion in Holland because the machine quality convinced us to do so. ” After just one year using the machine Tjerk decided to buy a second Fusion.

Tjerk has been using McHale machines in Holland since 1994, he commented “Fantastic machines, we bought round bale wrappers and the round bale handlers, which we still use”.

When asked about what he liked on the Fusions Tjerk, said “The quality of the chop and the transfer of the bale from the baler to the wrapper, which ensures high capacity”.

When asked about the Service Tjerk said “the service from Kamps De Wilde and Bos Oosterend is good”. From the McHale side Tjerk said that he was “especially happy with the service, when the machine was being started up, a McHale representative from the factory, visited to oversee the installation”.