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McHale Fusion 3

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Technical Data
  • McHale Fusion 3 integrated baler wrapper

Launched in September 2012. The McHale Fusion 3 integrated baler wrapper consists of an 18 roller fixed chamber baler and an integrated vertical wrapping ring.

Over the last 10 years, there has been constant pressure on Farmers and Contractors to reduce costs. In response to this McHale developed the McHale Fusion 3 integrated baler wrapper, which combines two traditionally separate jobs; namely baling and bale wrapping and integrates them into a single operation, which can be done by one man and one machine. The Fusion 3 is unique in that it has been specifically designed as a high output Integrated Baler Wrapper.

McHale is now recognised as a worldwide leader in the production and development of Integrated Baler Wrappers, its flagship product is the McHale Fusion 3.

New Feature on the Fusion 3 over the earlier Fusion 2 include:- New Machine Guards – giving better access and a more modern look

  • New Platform and Hand Rails – for easier access to net system
  • Door Lock Tap located outside the panels on the main platform for operator convenience
  • Improved Net Storage – on main platform
  • Heavy Duty Watershield pto – with star tubing and heavy duty crosses
  • 5 Tine bar pick up – giving 25% better ground cleaning and crop transfer
  • Knife Pressure Display on control box with audible alarm
  • Knife Position Sensor – to ensure the best chop quality
  • Double Row Rotor Bearing – reducing service intervals
  • Tubular Chassis Design – to minimise crop build up
  • Additional Film Roll Holders – giving more film storage
  • LED Lights

The McHale Fusion 3 is fully automatic and one user-friendly control console in the tractor cab controls the baling and wrapping process. The McHale Fusion 3 Integrated Baler Wrapper is a robust machine, which is simply not a wrapper coupled onto a baler; it has been specifically designed as a high output Integrated Baler Wrapper. The Fusion 3 Integrated Baler Wrapper is also unique in that it has a patented bale transfer. This results in keeping the Fusion 3 short and improving the machine’s performance and output over a days work. Producing 50-60 wrapped bales an hour the single pass patented McHale bale transfer, increases productivity and reduces operation costs, while increasing profits.

Contractors and Farmers all over the world use the Fusion 3 integrated baler wrapper during their silage season in the production of round baled silage. The McHale Fusion 3 integrated baler wrapper has gained a reputation for the production of high density bales and as a result of its highly accurate vertical wrapping ring, the Fusion 3 produces very good quality silage fodder.

McHale Fusion 3 integrated baler wrappers can be seen working during the Spring and Summer months in both hemispheres, the main crops baled are grass and lucerne or alfalfa however more progressive contractors and farmers are also baling other crops. The Fusion 3 integrated baler wrapper can also be used in the production of round bales of hay and straw bales, in which case the bale wrapping table can be used to accumulate the hay or straw round bales and leave them in pairs in the field for collection. The McHale Fusion 3 integrated baler wrapper has established a reputation for the production of high density round bales of silage, hay and straw.

The McHale Fusion 3 Integrated Baler Wrapper can be seen working in over 50 countries and the Fusion 3 has become the integrated baler wrapper of choice for high output contractors and more progressive dairy farmers in – Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Poland, Hungary, Canada, USA, Korea, Australia and New Zealand.aa


The bale chamber on the McHale Fusion 3 integrated baler wrapper splits horizontally (like a clam shell) and the lower section of the bale chamber doubles as a transfer mechanism to transfer the netted bale into the vertical wrapping ring. This unique McHale patented system delivers a number of advantages over other integrated baler wrappers, namely in terms of;

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  • The McHale Fusion 3 integrated baler wrapper is 5.8 metres long. Overall it is shorter and more maneuverable than the competition. This is a distinct advantage when working in small fields or hilly conditions.
  • On the McHale Fusion 3 integrated baler wrapper, the bale transfer takes place as the bale chamber is opening & closing. As the transfer occurs in one movement or step as the baler is opening and closing, the transfer does not reduce the machines output when compared with a traditional fixed chamber round baler.
  • On the McHale Fusion 3 integrated baler wrapper, the transfer occurs in one pass taking less than 10 seconds. This guarantees maximum speed and output. If the one step patented McHale bale transfer is 10 seconds faster than competing machines two step transfers, this results in a time saving of 10 minutes (assuming a production of 60 bales/ per hour).
  • On the McHale Fusion 3 integrated baler wrapper, as the bale transfer takes place the side walls of the lower section of the bale chamber support the bale and stop it from moving to the right or to the left when the Fusion 3 integrated baler wrapper is working in hilly conditions.
  • The McHale Fusion 3 integrated baler wrapper has a single pass bale transfer, which means the bale is transferred into the vertical wrapping ring as the bale chamber opens and closes, this eliminates doubling handling methods such as a secondary transfer arm or moving table between the bale chamber and the wrapping area on the machine. As a result of the single pass bale transfer on the McHale Fusions the machine is faster and more reliable as the bale does not have to be handled twice. Also output is increased as the machine does not have to pause for long periods on the swarth, as it waits for the bale transfer to take place.

On the McHale Fusion 3 Integrated Baler Wrapper the left hand side of the gearbox drives the rollers in the bale chamber, while the pick up and chopper unit are driven from the right hand side of the machine. This system ensures direct short transfer paths and optimal power distribution.


The McHale Fusion 3 integrated baler wrapper is fitted with a high capacity 2.1 metre galvanised pick up which lifts even the shortest of crop. Accurate height control can be achieved through a spring balanced hydraulic lifting system. The pick up is fitted with lateral feed augers that smoothly guide the crop into the chopping unit. The pick up features

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  • five rows of tines
  • double raced cam bearings
  • slip clutch protection
  • cam side inspection port for checking or changing pick up bearings

A crop compression roller is also available as an optional extra on the Fusion 3. This roller evens out lumps in the swarth and minimises the risk of blockages when working in heavy swarths.


The rotor design encourages a uniform crop flow, which reduces the risk of blockage, thus maximising output. The chopping unit features 25 knives. Knives in the chopping unit are made from hardened tool steel and can be engaged and disengaged from the tractor cab. When engaged the knives extend into the spine of the rotor, which ensures a consistent chop quality.


As baling conditions are not always ideal, uneven swarths can occur which can lead to blockages. The main drive chain on the Fusion 3 integrated baler wrapper is protected by a slip clutch on the PTO.

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  1. Should a blockage occur, the sound of the slip clutch alerts the operator who can hydraulically lower the floor from the tractor cab.
  2. This widens the chopper unit feed channel, on re-engaging the pto the blockage can be fed through.
  3. The floor can then be reset and baling can resume.

The bale chamber on the McHale Fusion 3 integrated baler wrapper produces a 1.23 X 1.25 metre round bale. The heavy-duty bale chamber consists of 18 heavy-duty rollers, which are made from high-grade tubular steel. At all times the roller design ensures positive bale rotation. The roller shafts are 50mm on the drive and non drive side and are fitted with 50mm double raced bearings on main load points on the drive side.

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The McHale Fusion 3 integrated baler wrapper is fitted with heavy-duty drive chains and sprockets, which ensure long life and minimum down time.

  • Drive side chains are 1-1/4 inch (20B)
  • Rotor chain is 1 inch duplex (16B-2)
  • Pick up chains are 3/4 inch (60H)

The roller ends are fitted with a McHale designed reverse thread sealing system, which ensures that any material, which tries to get into bearings, is automatically threaded out.


The bearings and chains are supported by a progressive greasing and oiling system.

  • Each time a bale is ejected from the wrapping table on the machine, oil and grease pass through the respective progressive blocks.
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The blocks measure and regulate the amount of grease and oil going to the bearings and chains. This ensures that the machine consistently delivers the correct amount of oil or grease depending on the load the components are under.

  • The chamber drive chains, rotor chain and pick up chains receive a measured amount of oil.
  • At the same time the chamber rollers on the drive and non-drive side, rotor bearings and pick up gears automatically receive a measured amount of pressurised grease.
  • After a pre-set number of bales a lube alarm will sound reminding the operator to top up the lubrication system.

The vertical wrapping ring on the Fusion 3 integrated baler wrapper is fitted with two 750mm dispensers, which take approximately 20 seconds to apply 4 layers of film and 30 seconds to apply six layers of film using both dispensers. This means the wrapping platform is always waiting for the next bale.

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The dispensers are fitted with film break sensors, which notify the operator through the control box in the tractor cab if one or both dispensers run out of film. If one dispenser runs out of film the Fusion 3 will continue working and automatically slow bale rotation and increase the number of rotations of the wrapping ring to ensure that the round bale is wrapped correctly.


On the last rotation of the wrapping cycle the cut and holds extend out and the wrapping film is gently supported in the cut and hold rails, once supported the cut and hold gathers the wrapping film to one point where it is cut and held. This system makes the Fusion 3 integrated baler wrappers performance much more reliable particularly in hot or wet conditions.


The McHale Fusion 3 integrated baler wrapper is controlled by an expert plus control console, which controls baler and wrapper operation and makes it fully automatic.
The expert plus control console features a large graphic display, which allows the machine operator to view graphically what stage the machine is at in the baling and wrapping cycle.

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Machine Operation – Fusion 3 Integrated Baler Wrapper

On entering a field, an operator can select from the control console, if they want:

  • the knives in the chopper unit on or off.
  • the machine to tip or hold the wrapped bale – this normally depends on ground conditions.
  • bale only programme for hay or straw – this eliminates the wrapping ring.
  • various bale transfer options depending on ground conditions.

As the Fusion 3 enters a field and moves up along the swarth, the following is the sequence of events:

  1. When the bale is formed the control box beeps to signal that the bale is full.
  2. The operator stops the machine on the swarth and the pre set amount of net wrap is automatically applied.
  3. After the net has been cut, the bale transfer occurs automatically, when the round bale chamber closes the operator can continue baling up along the swarth.
  4. The McHale Fusion 3 Integrated baler wrapper automatically wraps the bale and tips the bale when the next bale in the chamber is being netted (flat conditions) or when the operator presses the tip bale button (in hilly conditions).

Selectable knives provides the operator with three options. They can choose to engage and chop with a bank of 12 knives or a bank of 13 knives. Should fine chopping be required the operator can choose to engage both knife banks, which will give a 25 knife chopper system – capable of delivering a theoretical chop length of 46mm.



McHale Fusion 3 Videos

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Technical Data

Width 2.76/2.94m*
Length 5.8m
Weight 5500Kgs
Height 3.02m

Working width 2100mm
Pick Up Guide Wheels (pneumatic) Standard
Tine Spacing 70mm
Pick Up Lift Hydraulic
Tine Bars 5

Max No. of Knives 25
Unblocking System Drop Floor
Knife Control Hydraulic from Tractor Cab
Knife Protection Hydraulic
Theoretical Chop Length 46 mm

Bearings 50mm**
Number of Rollers 18
Width (m) 1.23
Diameter (m) 1.25
Greasing Progressive (Standard)

Net Adjustment Manual on Baler
Net Roll Capacity 1+1 Storage
Net System Pivot Stretch (4 bar)
Control Manual or Automatic

Dispensers 70%2 x 750mm
Film Stretch 70% standard (55% optional)
System Vertical Wrapping Ring
Film Storage 10 Rolls & 2 on the Wrapper
Film Layers 2+2+2 System

Chain Lubrication Progressive (Standard)
Pick Up Protection Slip Clutch
Main Drive Protection Cam Clutch
Gearbox Split Drive
Operation Fully Automatic Electronic
Control System Expert
Density Adjustment On Baler Valve

Operation Fully Automatic Electronic
Control System Expert
Density Adjustment On Baler Valve

Tyre Sizes 560/60R 22.5 (standard) 650/50R 22.5 (optional)
Electronics 12 Volt DC, 7 amp approx.
Min. Hydraulic Flow 45 litres / min at 180 bar
Hydraulic System Open, Closed or Load Sensing
Minimum PTO Power Requirements 80kW (107hp)

**Bearings are 50mm double raced on the main load points.

*Width will depend on tyre selection.

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