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McHale Orbital High Speed Round Bale Wrapper

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Technical Data

A high speed solution which delivers consistent and even overlap and achieves optimum levels of fodder preservation and quality.

The McHale Orbital Bale Wrapper is a high speed round bale wrapper. The McHale Orbital harnesses the proven vertical
wrapping ring technology used in the McHale Fusion to deliver a high output, low maintenance bale wrapper which is
capable of keeping up with multiple balers.



  • Fully Automatic Operation
  • Patented High Speed Bale Loading
  • Patented High Speed Vertical Wrapping Ring
  • Wrap Bales from 3’ 3” to 4’ 8” (1m – 1.48m)
  • Proven and Reliable Cut and Hold System
  • Gentle Bale Tip after Wrapping
  • Film Break Sensors
  • Facility to Wrap with One Roll
  • Clever Film Loading
  • Expert Plus Control Box


For more information on the McHale Orbital High Speed Round Bale Wrapper click on the link below to read the Profi Driving Impression

Profi Driving Impression – McHale Orbital High Speed Round Bale Wrapper


As the lift arm moves the bale towards the wrapping ring, the wrapping roller closest to the tractor moves out of the way which reduces the height the bale has to travel to get to the wrapper. This clever design allows the bale to move from the ground to the wrapping platform in a smooth quick manner, which is stress free
on the machine, delivering maximum output.


Through the use of the patented tip roller the McHale Orbital Bale Wrapper can wrap bales from 1.1 metre up to 1.45 metres with ease. The patented tip roller adjusts its height in line with bale size to ensure that the wrapping ring always applies the plastic to the centre of the bale, regardless of the bale diameter. This ensures the correct even overlap is always achieved.


Once the bale is loaded onto the bale wrapper, the high-speed vertical wrapping ring can apply four layers of film to a 1.25 metre bale in approximately 18 seconds or six layers of film in under 25 seconds.

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The Orbital low maintenance vertical wrapping ring design ensures an even overlap as the distance between the dispensers and the bale never changes which guarantees an even overlap and drastically reduces the likelihood of plastic breakages.


The vertical wrapping ring on the McHale Orbital High Speed Round Bale Wrapper is fitted with two 750mm dispensers, which take approximately 18 seconds to apply 4 layers of film and under 25 seconds to apply six layers of film using both dispensers.

The dispensers are fitted with film break sensors, which notify the operator through the control box in the tractor cab if one or both dispensers run out of film. If one dispenser runs out of film the Orbital Bale Wrapper will continue working and automatically slow bale rotation and increase the number of rotations of the wrapping ring to ensure that the round bale is wrapped correctly.


On the last rotation of the wrapping cycle the cut and holds extend out and the wrapping film is gently supported in the cut and hold rails, once supported the cut and hold gathers the wrapping film to one point where it is cut and held. This system makes the Orbital high speed bale wrappers performance much more reliable particularly in hot or wet conditions.


Film can be loaded from the left hand side of the machine. After loading film on the first dispenser, the operator can push the index button and the dispensers will then rotate around and automatically stop at the loading position for the second dispenser. This allows the operator to easily load the second roll of film.


The McHale Orbital High Speed Round Bale Wrapper is a fully automatic machine. The Expert Plus Control Console provides clear indicators of machine performance on it’s large graphic display.

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  • The Expert Plus Control Console, when combined with the load sensing valve on the McHale Orbital bale wrapper makes high speed wrapping operation fully automatic.
  • From the Expert Plus Control Console the operator can adjust features like the number of wrap layers, whether bale tip is manual or automatic. The Control Console can record a number of bale totals for different jobs and also features film break sensing.

When tipping off the bale the rear wrapping roller moves downwards and the McHale Orbital Bale Wrapper gently places its tightly wrapped bale on to the ground.

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With the optional side tip the bale can be rotated through 90 degrees and placed on its end, thereby reducing stalk damage from crops such as Alfalfa.



McHale Orbital High Speed Round Bale Wrapper Videos

The Customer Experience

Vincent Stapleton is a contractor from Thurles, Co. Tipperary where he operates a McHale Orbital High Speed Round Bale Wrapper. He spoke to us about the evolution of his business as well as his experiences with the McHale brand over the last 25 years.

Technical Data

Length 4.35m
Width 2.74 m
Height 3.00m
Weight 1850 kgs

Dispenser Speed 40 RPM
System Vertical Wrapping Ring
Film Storage 6 Rolls & 2 on the Dispensers
Film Layers 2 + 2 + 2 System
Dispensers 70% x 750mm
Film Stretch 70% Standard (64% + 55% Optional)

Control System Expert Plus Control Console
Operation Fully Automatic
Bale Size Adjustment  In-Cab
Wrapping Layer Adjustment In-Cab

Axle 6 Stud
Tyre Sizes Standard: 380 / 55 / 17
Optional: 480 / 45 / 17
Electronics 12 Volt DC, 10 A euro socket approx. (min. specification)
Road Lights LED Lights – 12 V / 7-Pin Socket

Attachment Pin Hitch
Minimum Hydraulic Flow  35 litres / min at 170 bar (2,465psi)
Hydraulic System Open, Closed or Load Sensing
Minimum HP Requirement 37kW / 50HP

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Barry & Declan Wilson McHale Orbital High Speed Round Bale Wrapper

Barry and Declan Wilson operate a successful contracting business based in Ballybrittas, Co Laois where they produce up to 8,000 bales per year using two McHale F5500 balers and an Orbital Round Bale Wrapper. In addition, the Wilsons also run a tillage and suckler beef enterprise with brothers Colm, Paddy and their father, Tommy.

Mar 26th, 2021|

Declan Keating McHale Orbital High Speed Round Bale Wrapper

Declan Keating runs JDK Contracts in Co. Down with the help of his sons, Declan Junior and Eoin.

Mar 13th, 2018|

Chris Bartlett McHale Orbital High Speed Round Bale Wrapper

Chris Bartlett has been running a contract wrapping business since 2011, whilst also farming beef cattle and sheep on 100 acres.

Dec 8th, 2017|
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