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For over 30, years the McHale range of grassland equipment has been operating on 6 continents in some of the worlds most difficult conditions. Building on their comprehensive range of mowers and direct requests from the market, McHale’s design team have combined their specialist knowledge of crop harvesting, energy and technical know-how to develop the McHale Pro Glide R310 non-conditioner mower.



Introducing the new McHale Pro Glide R310 Non-conditioner Mower

The Pro Glide R310 non conditioner mower offers a number of standard features ;

  • 3D Ground Tracking Technology
  • Unique Forward/Back Movement of 12°
  • Transverse  Movement of 17°
  • Unique Stone Protection
  • Mechanical Break Back Protection
  • Heavy-Duty, Fully Welded Cutter Bar
  • Heavy-Duty 1,000 or 540rpm Driveline
  • Low Profile Front Edge
  • Quick Fit Blades
  • 25mm (1′) Thick Gears
  • Adjustable Swathing Discs (Optional)

Transport Position

  • The mower folds vertically to 110° to reduce transport height and distribute the weight evenly across the tractor and provide the driver with a clear view from the rear view mirrors.

Working Position

  • For operation, the mower folds down into the floatation working position where the 3D ground tracking technology accompanies the 3m cutter bar to deliver a clean cut and uncontaminated swath.

 With the McHale Pro Glide range of mowers there will always be a machine to meet your requirements.


The right/left transverse movement means the cutter bar maintains a clean cut as it smoothly glides over humps and hollows in the ground.

This movement ensure a precision floatation of the cutter bar for a cleaner cut in all ground conditions.


The McHale Pro Glide R310 mower has excellent ground following capabilities delivering superior floatation. The mower is fitted with a patented ground adaptation technology which delivers 3-dimensional contour tracking of the ground. This allows the mower to easily mow on rough or undulating terrain and still deliver optimal results.

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The McHale Pro Glide range of mowers offers a number of unique features which delivers::
  • 3D Ground Tracking
  • Unique Forward/Back Movement of 12°
  • Transverse Movement of 17°
  • Unique Stone Protection
  • Superior Cutting Performance
3-Dimensional Ground Contour Tracking
The patented ground adaptation technology saves time and maximises throughput as the main break back protection is not easily triggered by an obstacle. The rear suspension springs react instantly to ground contours, offering a high-quality cut, even when working at high ground speeds.
Most rear mowers have a central pin which allows the mower to move left and right to adjust to changes in ground condition. The McHale Pro Glide is different in that it is fitted with a patented 3D ground tracking suspension unit, which allows the mower to:
  • Move Left and Right
  • Move Forward and Back
  • Let the cutter bar move back and up if it collides with an obstacle.
This ensures that the Pro Glide cutter bar delivers better cutting performance.

If the mower hits an immovable object, the mechanical break back will be triggered. The break back will swing the machine backwards and over the obstacle before the spring-loaded design automatically returns the cutting unit to the original working position when clear of the obstacle.

The McHale Pro Glide R310 is equipped with an extremely strong, fully welded cutter bar that houses 7 discs, which deliver a cutting width of over 3 Metres. The cutter bar possesses a number of features which include:

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  • Heavy-duty gearboxes directly power the cutter bar. Compared to using belts, which can slip in heavy crop, direct drives ensure even and continuous distribution of power across the gears in the cutter bar.


Low-Profile Front Edge

  • The cutter bar has been designed so the rounded, low-profile front edge lets the fully welded cutter bar glide smoothly over the ground.


Tight Cut, Quick Change

  • The quick-change mower blades make it easy to change or replace worn or damaged blades. The blades overlap very close to the surface of the cutter bar to self- clean when working.


Drive Gears

  • In the cutter bar, large, heavy-duty, 25mm (1′) thick drive gears transfer the power to auxiliary gears which power the individual discs.


Mowing Discs

  • The 7 mowing discs on the cutter bar are specifically designed to maximise crop flow. All mowing discs are equipped with two blades that are angled at 10° to ensure a clean & even cut, leaving an uncontaminated swath.


Shear Protection

  • Each mowing disc has its own individual protective safety mechanism. If a collision occurs, the mechanism will shear the key in order to protect the drive.

A large compensating spring provides excellent floatation across the full width of the Pro Glide R310 mower. Accompanied by McHale’s renowned 3D Ground Tracking Technology, this easily adjusted pressure system delivers superior cutting performance in a quick and simple manner.


For transportation, the McHale Pro Glide folds vertically to position itself behind the centre point of the tractor for safe transport. The transport height of the machine is reduced as the mower bed is at 110 degree angle.
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This allows for the weight of the mower to be distributed across the tractor while also providing the driver with a clear view from their rear-view mirrors.

A Rear Lighting Kit and Adjustable Swathing Discs are available as optional extras




McHale Pro Glide R310 Non-Conditioner Mower Videos

Technical Data

Transport Width 1.9 m (75”)
Transport Length 1.5 m (59”)
Transport Height 3.7 m (146”)
Weight 1,015 Kg (2,238 lbs)

Cutting Width 3 m (118”)
Swath Width 1.6 m – 2.3m (63”-91”)
Number of Cutting Discs 7
Total Number of Blades 14 (2 Blades per Disc)
Cutting Height 25 mm – 75 mm (1” – 3”)
Cutting Disc Speed 3,200 rpm
Cutting Blade Quick Change(Double Sided)
Adjustable Swathing Discs Optional

Minimum Power Requirement 80 kW / 108 HP
Linkage Attachment CAT II or CAT III (Rear) 3-Point linkage
PTO Speed (Interchangable Gearbox) 540/ 1,000 rpm
Rear Lighting Kit (Optional) LED Lighting: 12 V / 7- pin socket
Hydraulic Systems Double Acting Hydraulic Supply with Float (Minimum)
Minimum Pressure 180 bar (2,610psi)
Minimum Hydraulic Flow Rate 20 l/min (4.54 gal/min) @ 180 bar (2,610 psi)
Capacity 3.5 ha/h (8.5 acres/hour)

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