Technical Data
  • W2020

The McHale W2020 is a high-speed stacking bale wrapper. It is a compact machine, which allows one operator to transport, wrap and stack the bale with one tractor or loader.

The W2020 can wrap a bale with four layers of plastic in approximately 20 seconds and with six layers of plastic in 30 seconds. The W2020 is controlled by an expert plus control box, which makes wrapper operation fully automatic.



  • Fully Automatic High Output Bale Wrapper
  • RDS Expert Plus Control Box
  • Dual Stretch Dispenser 70% (Optional 55%)
  • Folding Arm Design
  • Hydraulic Cut & Hold
  • Plastic Break Sensors
  • Fast Loading and Unloading Times
  • Twin Satellites for Stable High Speed Wrapping

The W2020 is a versatile machine, which can be attached in one of three ways:

  • Rear Linkage: The machine can be fitted to the rear linkage of a low horsepower tractor. This is an ideal way to mount the machine where the machine will work in soft ground conditions or on hills. The W2020 provides high speed wrapping capabilities, while keeping machine weight to a minimum and keeping the bale close to the ground for a low centre of gravity and greater stability.
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  •  Front Linkage: The machine can be fitted to the front linkage of higher horsepower tractors giving the operator good visibility and making it more comfortable for the operator to load, wrap and position bales.


  • Front Loader / Industrial Loader: For higher horse power tractors and industrial loaders the W2020 can be mounted on the front of the tractor or industrial loader, which will allow the operator to collect, transport, wrap and stack the bale with one machine. This eliminates the need for an extra tractor, bale handler and possibly a second driver or operator.



The McHale W2020 round bale wrapper is fitted with two hydraulically powered wrapping rollers.

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When the bale is in position the rollers move in around the bale and move the bale from the ground position to the bale wrapping position. As both rollers are powered, the bale is moved into position as quickly and efficiently as possible.

When the wrapping cycle is complete, the wrapped bale can be gently unloaded either to the ground or into the stack. During the unloading process, both rollers are allowed to free wheel with the bale to ensure that the plastic is not damaged.


The W2020 stacking round bale wrapper is fitted with two 750mm aluminium dispensers, which are standard on all McHale high-speed round bale wrappers.

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The dispensers maintain a consistent stretch which maximises film usage.

The dispenser units consists of two aluminium rollers, which are geared to each other with robust steel gears of different ratios.

This twin satellite W2020 stacking round bale wrapper takes approximately 20 seconds to apply four layers or 30 seconds to apply six layers of film to the round bale.

The twin satellite design allows for stable high-speed bale wrapping, where there is an even pull on the bale by both dispensers as it is being wrapped. This ensures that the bale remains in the correct position.


The satellite arms on the W2020 stacking bale wrapper are designed so that at the end of the bale wrapping cycle, one of the dispensers moves from its normal position and folds in toward the second dispenser. When both dispensers come together they move in a uniform movement towards the cut and hold which is located on the headstock of the machine.

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Once the plastic is cut and held, the dispensers stop on the tractor or loaders side of the bale, allowing the bale to be stacked.

When the next bale is loaded and the automatic cycle starts one dispenser moves in advance of the other until the two dispensers are in a parallel position. At this point the wrapping cycle starts.


As with all McHale round bale wrappers, the reliability of the cut and hold system is of the utmost importance. The W2020 stacking round bale wrapper collects the film in the cut and tie unit where it is held and then cut. This system ensures better grip and provides more consistent superior performance, particularly in hot or wet conditions.

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The hydraulic cut and hold is located on the headstock of the machine. The cut and hold opens in a “scissors action” which allows the dispenser to rotate the film into the cut and hold, at which time the cut and hold collects the plastic and holds it firmly under hydraulic pressure.


The McHale W2020 stacking round bale wrapper is fitted with a lock and load film loading system. When the operator removes the core of the empty film roll, the top roller locks in the open position. When the new roll is loaded the operator simply pulls the cord and the top roller is released and locks down on the new roll.


The W2020 is a fully automatic machine. Using the control console the operator can select:

  • Fully Automatic Cycle
  • Automatic Loading and Unloading
  • The Number of Layers of Wrap
  • A Number of Totals to Store Bale Numbers for Individual Jobs
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The W2020 is also fitted with film break sensors which monitor the film as it goes onto the bale.

If one roll of plastic breaks or runs out, the machine will notify the operator through the control console and automatically move to single dispenser mode. In single dispenser mode the machine slows bale rotation and increase the number of rotations of the satellite to compensate for the broken roll of film. If the rolls of plastic on both dispensers break or run out, the control console will notify the operator with an out of film message.


Automatic Film Break sensing comes as standard on the W2020 stacking round bale wrapper. This ensures that if one of the rolls of film breaks or runs out, the W2020 will detect this and slow bale rotation and increase the number of revolutions of the satellite to ensure that the bale is wrapped correctly. If both rolls of film break or run out the W2020 stacking round bale wrapper notifies the operator in the cab via the control box that the machine is out of film.



McHale W2020 – Stacking Bale Wrapper Videos

Technical Data

Weight 845 kg
Attachment to Tractor Front or Rear Mounting
Height 2.4 m
Control Console Expert Plus Monitor
Width 1.43 m
Electrical Requirement 12 Volt from Battery or Euro Plug
Length 2.4 m
Film Dispensers 2 x 750mm Width Dispensers
Dispenser Working Speed 30 RPM
Hydraulic System Open Centre, Closed Centre, Load Sensing
Max Bale Weight (kgs) 1200 kg
Hydraulic Connection 2x ½“
Bale Diameter 1.2 – 1.5 m
Hydraulic Requirements 20 litres/min@170 bar
Bale Width 1.2 m

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