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Built to last and developed on some of the world’s most rugged terrain, the McHale range of round balers and round and square bale wrappers is known throughout the world for durability, reliability, innovation and value for money.

As with all McHale machines, the V8 Variable Chamber Round Baler Range has been designed with the demands of today’s farmer and contractor in mind.


The McHale V8 Variable Chamber Round Baler Range features two machines

  • The V8940 Non-Chopper Baler
  • The V8950 Semi-Automatic 15 knife Chopper Baler

The McHale V8950 is a semi-automatic variable chamber baler which is fitted with a 15 knife chopper unit and heavy-duty rotor. It is equipped with a double drive system which allows the machine to operate in the toughest of conditions. The double drive system aids belt rotation and bale formation. The machine comes with centralised grease blocks as standard. Automatic greasing is available as an option on all V8950 machines. Net and bale density can be adjusted from the cab through the Expert Plus control console. The machine is fitted with 500/50-22.5 tyres as standard

Features Include

  • 2.1m High-Intake Pick-Up with Galvanised Bands and Adaptive Intake
  • 15 Knife Heavy Duty Rotor
  • 15 Knife Chopper Unit
  • Double Drive System
  • Expert Plus Control System
  • Centralised Greasing Blocks
  • Optional Camless Pick-Up

A Split Drive Gearbox is fitted to all machines in the McHale variable chamber baler range.The gearbox design ensures that power is evenly distributed to both sides of the baler.

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The belts in the bale chamber are driven from the left hand side of the machine, and the pickup and chopper unit are driven from the right hand side of the machine. This system ensures direct, short transfer paths, leading to optimal power distribution.

McHale machines work in different conditions around the world. In order to optimise machine performance, a 1000rpm gearbox is available as an optional upgrade on all machines in the McHale V8 variable chamber baler range.


Over the last decade, McHale have developed various types of pick-ups. After extensive testing, McHale decided it would offer customers the choice of 2 pick up options depending on their conditions;

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Cam Pick-Up

  • As standard, a cam operated 2.1m high-intake galvanised pick-up ensures excellent ground cleaning in all types of crop. The cam pick-up runs on a cam track that is fitted with double raced cam bearings to stand up to the most testing of conditions.
  • All pick-ups across the McHale variable chamber baler range are fitted with 5 tine bars for excellent delivery of crop to the bale chamber. The 2.1 metre galvanised pick-up will lift even the shortest of crop. A side inspection port allows the operator to quickly check and change the cam bearings.

Camless Pick-Up

  • A 2.1m camless pick-up is available as an option on all machines in the variable chamber baler range. Six tine bars are fitted to all McHale camless pick-ups to provide excellent ground cleaning and fast delivery of crop to the chamber. The new camless pick-up has been designed for increased output, with that in mind the cam-track free pick-up is more reliable, consists of less moving parts and is maintenance free.

All McHale pick-ups come with a number of Standard Features that include

Heavy-Duty Pick-Up

  • All McHale pick-ups feature heavy-duty tine bar supports to ensure long service life. A vital part of the pick-up is the tine, McHale have developed a pick-up tine designed to lift even the shortest of crop.

Efficient Crop Flow Delivery

  • The specially designed McHale pick-up is positioned close to the rotor to improve delivery of the crop through the rotor to the bale chamber. Large diameter lateral feed augers help direct crop to the bale chamber ensuring a consistent and even crop flow for producing high density bales.

Adaptive Intake

  • Over the course of a baling season, machines have to work with different volumes of crop. McHale have designed an adaptive intake which allows the intake area to automatically adjust for light and heavy crops. This avoids peak loads and results in higher daily throughput regardless of working conditions.

The V8950 is fitted with a 15 Knife Chopper Rotor. The feed rotor or chopping unit boasts a heavy-duty rotor and comb. The flights are welded on both sides for superior strength and on the drive side the rotor is fitted with a double row bearing with a long service life


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The star shaped feed rotors ensure a high capacity flow of grass into the bale chamber. The flights on the rotors are laid out in a spiral formation to achieve consistent crop flow. As crop enters the rotor, rotating flights feed the crop to the bale chamber. The flights on the rotor ensure high output, while the star layout reduces the load peaks as the machines work in heavy swaths.


To ensure a consistent and even chop quality, Two Chopping Options have been developed for the McHale V8950 variable chamber machine.

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15 Knife Chopper Unit

  • The 15 knife chopper unit is the standard chopper unit on the McHale V8950. A bank of 15 knives provides a chop length of approximately 65mm.

25 Knife Chopper Unit

  • The 25 knife chopper unit is available as an option on the McHale V8950. A bank of 25 knives provides a chop length of approximately 46mm.

Selectable Knife System

  • All McHale V8950 and Fusion Vario machines have the option to be fitted with a selectable knife system. Various knife configurations can be chosen depending on the knife bank specification


  • The knives in the chopping unit are made from hardened tool steel, which ensures long life and maximum productivity, by reducing the downtime associated with knife sharpening.

Chop Quality

  • The knives in the chopping unit can be engaged and disengaged from the tractor cab. When engaged, the knives extend into the spine of the rotor, which ensures a consistent chop quality. A primary hydraulic knife protection system protects the knife bank(s) should it encounter a foreign object. A secondary protection system is in place on each individual knife.

Consistent Results

  • To ensure that the machine always delivers a good chop quality, two monitoring systems have been put in place on the V8950. Firstly, knife working pressure is monitored and displayed on the control box. Secondly, a sensor monitors the distance between the top of the knife and the spine on the rotor.

For over a decade, all machines in the variable chamber baler range are fitted with the McHale Drop Floor Unblocking System , a feature which operators have come to love for it’s simplicity of use and effective unblocking cycle.

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As baling conditions are not always ideal, uneven swaths can occur which can lead to blockages. The McHale variable chamber baler range is fitted with a drop floor unblocking system, which means blockages can be fed through in three simple steps.

Drop the Floor

  • Should a blockage occur, the sound of the slip clutch alerts the operator, who can hydraulically lower the floor from the tractor cab.

Re-engage the PTO

  • This widens the feed channel and on re-engaging the PTO, the blockage can be fed through.

Reset the Floor

  • The floor can then be reset to its original position and baling can resume.

The bale chamber on the McHale variable chamber baler range is comprised of Heavy Duty Endless Belts. The belts are extremely hard wearing and are reinforced  with synthetic material, which ensures that the belts can absorb and apply high pressure to the material in the bale chamber.

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Bale Sizes

  • The V8940 & V8950 balers can make a bale from 0.6m (2′) to 1.9m (6′ 3″).

Size increments

  • The bale size can be adjusted up from the minimum setting in increments of 10mm (2/5″)

A heavy-duty drive system powers belt and bale rotation on all machines in the variable chamber baler range. On all McHale V8950 machines, a Double Drive System is fitted to ensure belt rotation and bale formation.

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All V8 variable chamber balers are equipped with 3 heavy-duty endless belts as standard. These strong belts exert a high pressure on the bale in order to form a dense bale in the chamber. These belts are manufactured to the highest of standards using layers of synthetic and rubber material to form a durable endless belt with no joins.

Double Drive

  • In more difficult conditions, such as wet heavy grass, if the primary drive slips slightly, the double drive will engage in order to aid belt and material rotation in the chamber. This double drive helps bale formation as a constant pressure is kept on the chamber belts which results in the production of a solid and uniform bale even when dealing with a wet and heavy crop.
  • A cleaning auger is fitted to the double drive system in order to prevent crop build up and allow the double drive to aid bale rotation when working in wet or sugary crop

Bale Shape Indicators

  • All machines in the McHale V8 variable chamber baler range are fitted with load sensing bale shape indicators that directly measure the bale pressure inside the chamber. By comparing the loading on each side of the chamber, the bale shape is calculated and then indicated to the operator via the control console, which side of the chamber needs to be filled. This direct measuring of the chamber pressure allows the bale shape indicators to be extremely accurate and responsive. The bale shape indicators ensure that when the machine works in a light swath that the best bale shape is achieved. The bale shape indicator arrows are also accompanied by a series of beeps so the operator does not need to watch the screen. A low tone is emitted when the operator needs to steer left and a higher tone for when the operator needs to steer right.

Mechanical Tailgate Locking System

  • The tailgates on all McHale variable chamber balers are fitted with a pair of mechanical locks, which keep the bale chamber securely closed. These locks remain activated until, the progressive density system reaches the preset bale size and density and the required amount of net has been applied. This eliminates the need for the chamber door to rely on hydraulic pressure when making high density bales.

The McHale variable chamber baler range of balers are all fitted with a continuous oiling system. Once the PTO is engaged, the continuous oiling system constantly lubricates the chains to ensure a long lifetime.

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The continuous oiling system on the machine is driven off the gearbox and delivers oil to the following chains:

  • Chamber Drive -Side Chains
  • Rotor – Drive Chain
  • Pick-Up – Drive Chains
  • Pick-Up – Cam Track
  • Pick-Up – Drive Gears


All machines come fitted with a number of manual greasing points which are easily accessible throughout the baler either individually or through a centralised greasing block. The following bearings highlighted below are greased:

  • Bale Chamber – Drive Side
  • Bale Chamber – Non-Drive Side
  • Rotor Bearings – Drive Side
  • Rotor Bearings – Non-Drive Side

Automatic Greasing

  • Automatic greasing is available as an option on all McHale V8950 machines. A pressurised system delivers a measured amount of grease around the baler every time a bale is ejected from the bale chamber. Automatic greasing saves time as it reduces the amount of manual greasing to be done by the operator. A lube alarm sounds after 300 bales to inform the operator to refill the grease cartridge.

The McHale V8940 and V8950 is fitted with an Expert Plus control console, which has a large graphic display.The Expert Plus console, also gives the operator the choice of selecting a soft or hard bale core, depending on the customers feed out requirements. The control console can also store ten bale count totals so the operator can record ten different counts that may be associated with different fields or different customers.


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From the control console in the tractor cab the operator can adjust the following;

  • Core Size & Bale Size
  • Core Density & Bale Density
  • Revolutions of Net Being Applied

The McHale Expert Plus Control Console also features:

  • Knife Display
  • Door Position Display
  • Pre-Net Bale Formation Alert
  • Net Usage (Metres)
  • Bale Size Setting
  • Bale Size Display
  • Drop Floor Display
  • Lube Count
  • Lube Alarm
  • Net Layers
  • Bale Density
  • Bale Shape Indicator

A high performance netter has been designed and developed for the McHale variable chamber baler range. This netter is very reliable and features:

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Endless Adjustment

  • Endless adjustment of tension to ensure optimum net usage and bale shape

Up to 1300mm

  • Capacity to take rolls of net wrap up to 1300mm in width and 4500m in length.

180-Degree Wrap

  • 180-degree wrap around on the rubber feed roller, eliminating any net slippage while feeding

Net Stretch Application

  • A simple yet very effective netting system comprising of a moving roller allows the roll of net to rotate as it is being applied to ensure even net application. Net is stretched around the bale using a hydraulic brake.
  • The brake places a resistance on the speed at which the roll of net can rotate, the greater the resistance the more stretch that is applied to the net. The operator can adjust net tension without having to leave the comfort and safety of the tractor cab.

Net Layer

  • The operator can select bale diameter and the number of layers of net to be applied from the control box. The machine will automatically adjust the net application for different bale diameters.

Net Loading & Storage

  • The operator simply releases the straps on the spare roll of net on the machine platform and moves the roll of net into position. To aid the loading process for the operator, the roll of net can be placed in the net roll loading cradle whilst being threaded through the netter. Once in position, the operator moves the net roll tension bar to hold the roll of net in place. Storage for two extra rolls of net is provided on the baler platform.

Bale Kicker Sensor

  • McHale V8 balers are fitted with a bale discharge sensor, which notifies the driver when the bale has left the bale chamber and has passed over the bale kicker. The heavy-duty bale kicker ensures a clean separation between the machine and the netted high-density bale.


V8950 Variable Chamber Round Baler Videos

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Technical Data

Width 2.58 / 2.62* (8’ 6” / 8’ 7”)*
Length 5.1 m (16’9″)
Weight 4,850 kg** (10,692 lbs)
Height 3.12 m (10’3″)
*Width will depend on tyre selection
** Value will vary depending on specification

Working width 2100mm (6′ 11″)
Tine Bars 5 (6 on Camless Pick-up)
Tine Spacing 70mm
Short Crop Guard Optional
Crop Roller Standard
Pick Up Guide Wheels (pneumatic) Standard

Number of Knives 15
Theoretical Chop Length 65mm
Knife Protection Hydraulic
Knife Deactivation Hydraulic from Cab
Unblocking System Drop Floor

Diameter 0.6m (2′) to 1.9m (6′ 3″)
Width 1.23m (4′)
Bale Chamber Feed 15 Knife Chopper Feed Rotor
Number of Belts 3

Control Manual or Automatic
Net System High Performance Netter
Net Roll Capacity 1+2 Storage
Net Adjustment In Cab

Gearbox Split Drive
Main Drive Protection Cam Clutch
Pick Up Protection Slip Clutch
Chain Lubrication Continuous
Bale Chamber Double Drive

Control System Expert Plus
Operation Semi Automatic
Density Adjustment In Cab
Bale Size Adjustment In Cab

Axle 8 Stud
Brakes Option: Air / Hydraulic
Tyres Standard 500/50/22.5
Tyres Optional 560/45/22.5
Bale Kicker Adjustable
Road Lights Standard
Electronics 12 volt DC, 20amp

Minimum Hydraulic Flow 30 l/min (7.9 gal/min) @ 180 bar (2,610 psi)
Hydraulic System 2 double acting spools

1 free flow return

Minimum PTO Requirements 60 kW (80 HP)

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