Andrew and Kevin Appleby run a mixed farm in Lincolnshire. They have a herd of 200 suckler cows and have 500 acres of arable land where they grow wheat, barley, rape and beans.

Andrew and Kevin started contracting 15 years ago and bought a 991 LBER linkage bale wrapper. Three years ago they upgraded their linkage wrapper to a McHale HS2000 which they bought from JPM Agricultural Ltd. They work within a 10 mile radius of their yard and do between 6 and 7,000 bales per year. This breaks down into 3,500 bales of haylage, 2,500 bales of silage and about 1,000 bales of straw.”




Andrew commented “the move to the HS2000 made a big difference in terms of speed, it has allowed us to bale more and wrap more which has meant the day finishes at 9pm instead of midnight.”

Kevin finds the HS2000 very versatile as he told us “sometimes we use the HS2000 and control it with the remote control for yard wrapping.”

The pair told McHale, “We ran different balers over the years and have had problems getting parts. We upgraded our last baler to a McHale V660 as we liked the McHale build quality and they seemed to have addressed a lot of the problems we had with other makes like crop building up particularly at the front of the baler.”

Andrew said “Since we moved to the V660 we can get more in a bale and it chops it better. The net wrap on the V660 is much easier to load and more reliable as it puts the net right to the edge. I also like the fact that you can see what is happening with the net and it is not closed in like other balers, you can’t see if you have a problem until it is too late.”

Kevin finds the V660 easy to operate as he said “We have found the V660 easier to drive than previous balers we owned. It has a good control box and is very user friendly. We can adjust the density and bale size from the cab depending on the crop being baled or the time of day.”

“We can make good bales in silage and the machine has no problem handling green wet crops when needed. Our customers are very happy with the bales. The combination of the V660 and HS2000 is great – it’s a fast system which allows us to get the haylage baled and wrapped at the right time. The more time you can spend in the seat the more you can do. Silly problems with previous balers used to mean that you were in and out of the cab which reduced output and resulted in poorer bale quality as we could not always get there when the haylage was at its best. With the McHale the silly problems went away and we get optimum quality haylage.”

Kevin concluded with “Our V660 has been very reliable and we have not had any breakdowns or needed any parts in the last 3 years. McHale seem to be always there to help if we or the dealer need anything. The backup is excellent. If you have not tried a McHale try one as from our experiences we would not consider any other make now.”