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Andrew & Malcolm Brown – AM Brown Contracting

V660 – Variable Chamber Round Baler – Belt Baler

  • Customer Review - Andrew Brown - V660

Andrew started contracting in 1998 and concentrated on round baling. Andrew’s first McHale machine was a 991B in 1999.

Andrew and Malcolm run two V660 Variable Chamber Balers and two Fusion 3 Integrated Baler Wrappers. Andrew and Malcolm do 30,000 bales per year. Of the 30,000 bales per annum – 20,000 are silage, 7,000 are straw and 3,000 are hay in a normal year.

Andrew says “We find the McHale V660 to be a very versatile machine. We use it to;

  • Make 3ft haylage bales for the horse market
  • 4ft silage bales when things are busy
  • 4ft and 5ft straw bales depending on customer requirements



Before we ran the V660 we ran New Holland, Welger and John Deere. The V660 make great bales, with some other belt balers on the market it is hard to get good bale shape but thanks to the 3 endless belts instead of 4, 5 or 6 this is possible. This results in less crop loss and less problems as from previous balers we noticed that belts mainly get damaged on the edges so with the McHale there is less edges and less risk.”

“The netter on the V660 works well and produces a very neat bale. Bales for the V660 are good dense bales” states Malcolm.

Andrew tells us, “The biggest header we follow is 35ft and the V660 has no bothers, it has a brilliant intake. Whatever you put in front of the V660, it will deal with it”

The advantages of the V660 for AM Brown Contracting are;

  • It is a very fast baler with a high capacity intake
  • The quality of the bale is brilliant
  • Don’t have any silly problems with the netter system so we get good output as we are always in the tractor seat

Andrew feels “The McHale V660 should be driven hard, they’re not a mess around baler, and they have great output.”

March 30th, 2016|
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