Brendan Gee – McHale V640

Dairy Farmer Brendan Gee makes 3,000 bales each year with his McHale V640 Variable Chamber baler near Victoria, Australia. Brendan and his father feed silage and hay bales to their herd of 220 cows.

Brendan told us why he chose McHale – “I looked at all the balers on the market, and thought McHale was by far the best, and the price certainly matched anything else in the market.” Brendan also mentions how he “liked how solid it was weighing 4 tonne compared to other balers on the market which were much lighter in construction”.


Brendan’s previous experience with McHale also affected his decision – I first bought a McHale 991BE silage wrapper in 1998 and had great success with this machine, using it for contracting wrapping many thousands upon thousands of rolls.”

Brendan likes the simplicity of the control panel for changing settings and the greasing points which makes the job a lot easier and quicker. For Brendan, the ease at which the V640 makes “tight, dense bales in short dry hay is most impressive compared to other balers I have used in the same conditions. Tighter bales results in better quality fodder due to less air in the bale, thus eliminating any mould issues, which used to happen with his previous baler.” he says.

Brendan purchased his baler from Agrimac in Victoria and is deeply satisfied with the level of service they have provided him. Brendan had a small issue with the net roller when he first got the machine but as he says “Agrimac couldn’t be more helpful, one call and they had the baler going again.”