Geoff Blackburn runs a contracting and fodder merchant business near Dorset in the South West of England. He also farms just under 200 acres where he is busy tending to approximately 100 ewes. Geoff first started round baling in 1989 and has used a number of balers before buying his McHale V640 last year.

Geoff does over 7,000 bales per year with his McHale V640 Variable Chamber Baler. Over 5,000 of these are 4ft bales of silage or haylage while the remaining 2,000 bales are 5ft bales of hay or straw.

Geoff told us “I have used different brands of balers since 1989 and none of them could stick the pace like McHale can. It’s trouble free and never messes up!”

He also pointed out that “The V640 always produces very uniform shaped bales. I should have bought a McHale baler years ago!”




Billy is an employee of Geoff’s who often drives the V640 baler and added that “It makes extremely solid bales every time. The quality of the bales is spot on.”

When asked what he likes about the V640 Variable Chamber Baler, Geoff observed that “The intake and control box are two features of the machine I like. It’s a fast baler, it will take in vast amounts of grass comfortably so you can just go up another gear and it handles it perfectly. The control box is very easy to use and the alignment system on the belts is excellent as well. When it comes to maintenance, everything is easily accessible.”

Geoff also commented that his customers had noticed the solid well-shaped bales he is providing. Geoff has been dealing with GCS Agricentre for a long time and is very happy with the service he receives.

Geoff finished by saying “I always wanted a McHale because I heard such good reports about them. Last year I made the decision to go with one after speaking with McHale’s UK Sales Rep. The service from McHale is excellent and they are always at the end of the phone.”