Kevin & Lyam Haworth run Haworth Agricultural Contractors near Lancs, England. Kevin has been contracting since 1995 and more recently his son, Lyam, has joined the business. Today, they provide a range of services to customers in their area which include mowing with McHale ProGlide F3100 & R3100 Mowers which help mow over 3,000 acres of grass, which they harvest each year.

The Haworth’s chose McHale mowers for a number of reasons according to Kevin; “We have ran McHale wrappers for years and love the heavy duty build quality of them so when the decision came to change mowers we couldn’t look past McHale.”

Lyam does a lot of the mowing and commented, “The floatation on the mowers are excellent. They really follow the ground 100% to leave a clean cut.”


Kevin finds the mowers easy to maintain, “A number of features on the mowers such as the direct drive gearbox, the large amount of oil in the bed and the positioning of the gears all make the maintenance quite easy. In particular, the direct drive gearbox, I have no issue with belts slipping as I had on other mowers in the past.”

Overall, the Haworth’s are very happy with their McHale ProGlide Mowers as Kevin concluded, “McHale have a good product and an even better dealer support in place which is what is needed in the contracting business.”