Murray Cooper operates a farming and contracting business in Aberdeenshire. He runs a mixed farm comprising of 1,400 sheep and 150 cows on 600 acres of land, half of which is organic.

Each year, Murray produces over 6,000 bales with his McHale Fusion Vario. Silage accounts for 3,500 bales while he also produces over 2,000 bales of straw. Approximately 500 bales of Hay/haylage is made each year.  Murray makes a variety of bale sizes depending on the crop and the customers’ requirements.





Murray purchased the Fusion Vario because,

“It gives me the flexibility to make different size bales at the touch of a button. I also wanted to streamline the whole baling process and have the option to run a one man operation.”

Murray likes a number of features on the Vario, “The control box is excellent and so easy to use. You can alter the bale size very easily and it always makes a good solid bale, regardless of bale size.”

Murray also commented on the wrapper speed, “The wrapper is very straightforward and quick. It is very reliable especially when working in hilly conditions.”

Overall, Murray is extremely happy with his Fusion Vario, “It is an excellent machine with a superb back-up support, which all adds up when trying to get through the workload.”