Seamus O’ Leary has a 991LBER linkage round bale wrapper which he “runs as a side job for an extra bit of money”. In a normal year Seamus does 6,000 bales in the Gorey area of Wexford.

Seamus told us that ” he had tried every other brand of wrapper on the market but McHale was the best by far”, in particular Seamus liked the fact that “the only thing you have to do is press the remote and the machine is fully automatic”. He also liked that “when the film breaks it will go back to where it was”.

Seamus bought his 991LBER bale wrapper from Farm Services in Coolgreany and said “I would have to admit they know their stuff”. When asked about the McHale service Seamus said ” they have always done their best to help us out in every way possible”.

To summarise, Seamus gave a bit of advice to all bale wrapper users; “Doing a good clean down at the end of the season will help the wrapper last” and summed up by saying “they are really the best going”.