Simon Bierton runs a 350 acre mixed farm and contracting business in Oundle, Peterborough. His business comprises of round baling in the summer months, whilst during the winter he farms and sells fodder.

Simon purchased his first McHale product in 2009, a McHale 991 TBER Trailed Round Bale Wrapper and in 2013 he bought a McHale V660. Each year, his baler produces over 13,000 bales.





Simon produces almost 7,000 bales of straw for his business. Roughly 5,000 bales of straw is used for bedding turkeys. Some of the baled straw for turkey bedding is chopped using the 15 knife chopper unit on the McHale V660. The McHale V660 is also used for baling nearly 1,000 bales of haylage, 2,000 bales of hay and approximately 3,000 bales of silage which is then wrapped by the McHale 991 TBER for Simon’s suckler herd and for his fodder merchant business.


Simon purchased his first baler over 20 years ago and has tried and tested many brands of balers down through the years. In 2013, following the reliability and satisfaction that his 991 TBER provided, Simon looked at a McHale V660 Variable Chamber Round Baler and purchased it from his local dealer.

Simon felt that McHale was a stronger and better built machine over competing brands he had used in the past. He was very impressed by the speed and intake of the machine and the 5 tine bar pick-up’s capacity to take in the swath and clean the ground.

Simon said that “McHale provide a heavy duty high density baler. I discovered that it was the fast, high output baler that I needed.”