Rottalschau im Karpfham 2019

While the name suggests a local exhibition, the Rottal-Show has developed into one of the most important agricultural technology fairs in Germany.

Now over 50,000 square meters of open terrain and 5000 square meters of exhibit halls allow 420 companies throughout Germany and neighboring countries to showcase a wide range of goods.

The focus of the […]

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Norla 2019

Location: Rendsburg, Germany.

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MeLa 2019

Location: Mühlengeez, Germany.

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AGRITECHNICA – The World’s No. 1
The world’s largest trade fair for agricultural machinery and equipment
Innovations in agricultural machinery and equipment and the latest solutions and concepts for the future of plant production are presented every two years at AGRITECHNICA in Hanover, Germany. The world’s leading exhibition for agricultural machinery and equipment will be held […]

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