Fixed Chamber Round Balers

F5400 – Fixed Chamber Baler

The F5400 non chopper round baler comes standard with the McHale Drop Floor Unblocking System, 50mm Bearings on the bale chamber, heavy-duty chains and a continuous oiling system....Read More

F5500 – 15 Knife Chopper Baler

McHale F5500 – Heavy Duty Round Baler McHale F5500 Heavy Duty Fixed Chamber Baler with a 15 Knife Chopper Unit and Drop Floor Unblocking System As with all McHale machines the McHale F5500 fixed ...Read More

F5600 – 25 Knife Chopper Baler

Once the round bale is formed, net is automatically applied; the tailgate then automatically opens releasing the high density round bale, the tailgate on the F5600 baler then automatically closes ...Read More

F5600 Plus- Film Binding Baler

The McHale F5600 Plus Film Binding Baler is equipped with a 25 knife chopping unit and an in chamber film bale binding system....Read More