Handling Equipment

691 – Round Bale Handler

The McHale round bale handler is a heavy duty handler with rotating rollers that have tine reinforcement. It can be used to carry one bale of silage or spike two bales of hay or straw. ...Read More

R5 – Round Bale Handler

McHale R5 –Round Bale Handler. Simplicity, versatility and strength are the main features of the McHale R5 Round Bale Handler. The McHale R5 round bale handler is ideal for collecting round ...Read More

McHale 994 – Round Bale Splitter

McHale 994 – Round Bale Splitter Combining simplicity and strength the McHale Round Bale Splitter cuts bales of silage, hay or straw, quickly, neatly and efficiently. The McHale round bale ...Read More