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McHale 998 – Square Bale Wrapper

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Technical Data

The McHale Square Bale Wrapper range has been designed with the demands of today’s farmer and contractor in mind. This common-sense approach to design ensures that each machine’s operation is kept simple and user friendly, while delivering the highest output and reliability. The common-sense and practical design on the McHale 998 square bale wrapper range uses quality components and precision engineering to design patents such as the patented oscillating rollers and patented roller angle measuring system.



The McHale 998 square bale wrapper range is known worldwide for its reliability, heavy-duty design and high output. Designed to provide greater operator comfort and flexibility whilst maximising output and reducing maintenance intervals, the McHale 998 range has become renowned and respected worldwide for bringing square bale wrapping to a new level.

The 998 SQUARE BALE WRAPPER is a high-output machine packed with features including a fully integrated, PTO driven, load sensing hydraulics system, conveyor loading with fast positioning of the square bale into the bale wrapping position, hydraulically operated cut & tie system, auto square bale levelling and a twopoint linkage mounted swivel headstock.

It is equipped with two patents; the Patented Oscillating Rollers cradle the bale during wrapping and steadily rotate the bale to ensure a uniform and correct overlap. The 998 also features a Patented Roller Angles Measuring System which gives a consistent and even wrap regardless of square bale size or shape.

The 998 wraps all sizes of square bales from 80cm x 60cm (2’8″ x 2′) up to 120cm x 160cm (4′ x 5′ 3″) including double square bales, two bales measuring 120cm x 70cm (4′ x 2’4″) in size.


The front-loading conveyor on the 998 square bale wrapper range allows for effortless square bale loading. This system allows for 3 bales to be moved together. As one bale is being unloaded at the rear of the machine, the next bale is being transported from the front of the machine onto the conveyor. The conveyor can also be used to pick the third bale and carry it as the machine finishes the wrapping process.


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If the operator wishes to do so, the Auto Load function can be activated which will enable the bale to be automatically loaded onto the conveyor once detected by the sensor. This allows the operator to simply drive the tractor without having to worry about operating the machine.


The 998 square bale wrapper range features a patented roller angle measuring and levelling system, which gives a consistent and even wrap regardless of square bale size or shape. The patented roller angle measuring and levelling system allows for extra care wrapping.

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When the extra care program is selected in the control box, bale rotation is slowed down at the corners of the bale and additional plastic is applied which ensures good quality square bales are produced. This careful wrapping program ensures even odd shaped bales can be wrapped at eight predetermined points.


The patented oscillating rollers on the 998 square bale wrapper range cradle the bale between the rollers as it is being wrapped. The oscillating rollers rotate the square bale at a uniform pace ensuring that the square bale receives the correct and even overlap, which ensures a tight seal and a high-quality finished square bale of crop.

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This consistently accurate bale movement results in a superior wrap every time as the bale is not relying on gravity. The 4 oscillating rollers are in contact with the bale at all times in order to control bale rotation which ensures the wrap is evenly applied. To ensure wrap is evenly applied, bale rotation is monitored through the use of two potentiometers. These count the corners of the bale and ensure the correct amount of plastic is applied irrespective of the size of the bale.


All machines in the McHale 998 square bale wrapper range feature two 750mm aluminium dispensers. The units are designed so that the angle that they work at during the wrapping cycle stays constant in order to maintain a consistent stretch. This gives a more even stretch throughout the roll of film which maximises film usage.


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The dispenser unit consists of two aluminium rollers, which are geared to each other with robust steel gears of different ratios. If required, the stretch can be adjusted by changing the gears. The dispenser units also feature the McHale quick fit plastic loading system to make film changing much more user friendly.


On the McHale 998 square bale wrappers, the dispenser’s lock and load system makes film loading really easy. When removing the core of the used roll of plastic the dispenser bobbin locks in place. When a new roll of plastic is in the loading position, it can be locked in place by simply pulling the cord on the dispenser. Film can be loaded from the left-hand side of the machine with the help of a film replacement loading step.

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After loading film on the first dispenser, the operator can push the index button located on the drawbar, and the dispensers will then rotate around and automatically stop at the loading position for the second dispenser. This allows the operator to easily load the second roll of film from the one location.


The McHale 998 square bale wrapper range is equipped with a fully integrated, PTO driven, load sensing hydraulic system. This allows for a low horsepower requirement in order to drive the range of 998 Square Bale Wrappers. This simplifies tractor change over and delivers consistent performance, eliminating problems associated with different tractor hydraulic systems, oil flows and oil temperatures. The stand-alone load sensing hydraulic system also reduces the risk of oil contamination.


The McHale 998 square bale wrapper range features an in-cab Expert control console to allow the operator to control the machine at the touch of a button. The McHale 998 and 998 High Speed are fully automatic machines thanks to the continuous automatic cycle which operates all the wrapping functionality of the machine.

The Expert control console enables the operator to change the Bale Size and select the desired Number of Film Layers to be applied to the bale. When set, the Continuous Automatic Cycle Function operates the complete cycle from start to finish. This function increases output as when one bale is unloading, the next bale is being transferred from the ground onto the conveyor. Once in position on the wrapping conveyor, the wrapping cycle commences automatically.

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From the control console, it is possible for the operator to select the Wrap Start Position and to customise the wrapping programme. This provides the operator with the ability to apply more plastic at eight points on the surface of the bale and store the customised programme for later jobs which have the same bale size.

The operator can also select Extra Care Wrapping, which makes the McHale 998 square bale wrapper range apply additional plastic on the corners of the bale which is particularly beneficial to rectangular shaped bales.


A new wired handpiece control comes as standard to work with the McHale 998 and 998 High Speed square bale wrappers. The new wired handpiece control gives the operator more ergonomic access to the following machine functions:

• Conveyor Forward
• Conveyor Reverse
• Auto Start & Stop


As with all McHale bale wrappers, the reliability of the cut and hold systems is a feature of the utmost importance. On the last rotation of the wrapping cycle, the cut and holds extend out and the wrapping film is gently gathered in the cut and hold rails, once supported the cut and hold gathers the wrapping film to one point where it is cut and held.

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By gathering the plastic to one point, this reliable system ensures better grip and provides more consistent superior performance, particularly when working in extreme hot or wet conditions.


The twin satellite dispensers are fitted with film break sensors, which notify the operator through the control console in the tractor cab if one or both dispensers run out of film. If one dispenser runs out of film, the machine will continue working and automatically slow bale rotation while also increasing the number of rotations of the wrapping arms to ensure that the bale is wrapped correctly.


Should you wish to use the McHale 998 or 998 High Speed bale wrapper for static wrapping, a new radio remote-control kit is available. This allows the machine to be efficiently used as a static machine for wrapping round or square bales.

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Load – Wrap – Unload
An operator can load the bale wrapper using a loader and easily activate an automatic cycle by using the radio remote control. While the square bale is wrapping the operator can collect the next square bale and load it on the front conveyor. When the wrapping cycle is complete, the wrapped square bale can be removed, and the next bale can be wrapped with a simple click of the remote control.


The McHale 998 and 998 High Speed is available with an optional rear unloading conveyor. This unloading conveyor can be used when static wrapping to allow the careful unloading of a bale from the wrapper. To avoid damage to the plastic, the bale is unloaded from the wrapper onto the conveyor where it is held until it is collected by the loader and placed in the stack.

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This ensures the wrapped bale has no contact with the ground.When the wrapping job is complete, the unloading conveyor is neatly folded up for transport.


All machines in the McHale 998 square bale wrapper range come fitted with hydraulic brakes as standard but can be specified with air brakes as an optional extra.



McHale 998 – Square Bale Wrapper Videos

Technical Data

Trailed Model [Square] 998
Transport Length 7.30 m (24’)
Transport Width 2.99 m (9’8”)
Transport Height 3.69 m (12’1”)
Weight (Unladen) 4070 kg (8972 lbs)

Bale Sizes From 80 x 60 cm (2′ 8″ x 2′)
to 120 x 160 cm (4′ x 5′ 3″)
– including double bales: 120 x 70cm (4′ x 2′ 4″)
Max bale length 2 m (6′ 7″)*
Maximum Wrapping Speed 25 rpm
Film Roll Storage 12 (10 in storage and 2 in dispensers)
High Speed Sensors N/A
Roll Loading Step Standard
External Dispenser
Index Button

Tyres 400/70-20
Axle 6 Stud Braked
Brakes Hydraulic Brakes – Standard (Air brakes – optional)

Attachment to Tractor Cat II/III lower linkage SAE 6 spline PTO shaft
PTO Speed 500-800 RPM
Hydraulic Requirement Continuous – Independent
Load Sensing Pump Driven off PTO
Hydraulic Connection 3 x Male ½” Quick Release
(1xS.A. 1xD.A.)

Control Console Expert Control Console
Wired Handpiece Control Standard

Static Wrapping Table
Remote Control Kit

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