Agritechnica 2013 – McHale Launch 4 New Machines

McHale Launches 4 New Machines

The McHale Fusion 3 Plus – Delivers film on film technology

The McHale Fusion 3 Plus is an integrated baler wrapper with a high output bale transfer system which applies plastic onto the bale in the chamber, thus eliminating net wrap or twine keeping the bale together as it passes from the baler to the wrapper. The concept of plastic replacing net is starting to be referred to as film on film.


McHale Fusion 3 Plus – i Touch Control Unit

The McHale Fusion 3 Plus is a fully automatic machine which is controlled by the new McHale iTouch Control Unit. The McHale “i Touch System” has a 7 inch touch screen colour monitor and a number of physical buttons which monitor and control the machine functions. The i Touch monitor also features a camera to monitor wrapper operation at any point in the cycle or at a number of pre-determined points such as the tipping of the bale, the transfer of the bale, and the application of the first layer of plastic by the vertical wrapping ring.

McHale Irish Sales Representative James Heanue feels “The McHale Fusion 3 Plus allows contractors to offer a new concept of baling and differentiate themselves from their competition by providing a product which can deliver better quality silage for the farmer.”

For additonal information on the McHale Fusion 3 Plus, click here.


McHale Rs4 – Bale Splitter & Wrap Retainer

The McHale RS4 bale splitter is a versatile solution for farmers who want to feed round bales efficiently. The machine can split the bale, dispense the fodder at the feed area and retain the plastic and net wrap and release it at the recycling area.

The McHale Rs4 bale splitter can be used to:
– Remove the bale from the stack
– Transport the bale to the feeding site
– Split the bale while retaining the netwrap and plastic
– Bring the netwrap and plastic to the disposal or recycling area
– Push in the silage

For additional information on the McHale RS4 Bale Splitter, click here.


McHale Fusion Vario – Variable Chamber Baler Wrapper

The McHale Fusion Vario is a fully automatic baler wrapper consisting of a high output variable chamber baler with an integrated wrapping ring. The McHale Fusion Vario has the ability to make bales of hay and straw from 0.6 meters up to 1.68 meters or from 2 foot up to 5 foot six inches. The i Touch control system is fitted with a rear camera as standard and provides clear indicators of machine performance on its large touch screen graphic display. The i Touch Control Console, when combined with the load sensing valve on the Fusion Vario, is capable of making baler & wrapping operation fully automatic. In automatic mode the camera image will appear at different predetermined times on the screen such as when the bale is being transferred or being tipped.

For additional information on the McHale Fusion Vario, click here.


McHale C460 – Bale Feeder & Straw Blower

The McHale C460 bale feeder & straw blower can be used for feeding short fibre silage and can also easily distribute long fibre fodder such as hay and straw.

Feeding: The McHale C460 is an ideal machine for feeding silage and hay, the two speed gearbox allows silage to be distributed exactly where it is desired. The speed of the conveyor is proportionally controlled, allowing the operator to adjust feeding speed depending on material density and composition.

Bedding: The McHale C460 can be used to distribute bedding material quickly and efficiently leaving a thick aerated bed of straw. In difficult to access bedding areas, the chute on the McHale C460 can pass through 300 degrees for ease of feeding. Straw can be blown 18m on the right hand side and 13m to the left hand side of the machine.

For additional information on the McHale C460 Straw Blower and Bale Feeder, click here.