Grassmen Put The McHale Pro Glide Mowers To The Test

Grassmen Put The McHale Pro Glide Mowers To The Test

In June, media brand Grassmen got the opportunity to get to grips with the McHale Pro Glide mower range. The team at Grassmen were supplied with a McHale Pro Glide F3100 front mower which was accompanied by a McHale Pro Glide B9000 combination mower. This impressive piece of machinery was fitted to a new Valtra T234 tractor.

Grassmen provided three different perspectives for the viewers to enjoy the McHale Pro Glide mower range. The first clip shows Gareth and Gary from Grassmen speaking with Mike Walsh and James Heanue from the McHale sales team. Mike explains a number of unique features on the McHale Pro Glide B9000 combinations mowers such as the 3D ground tracking technology, heavy duty cutter bar, direct drive gearbox and hydraulic width adjustment.

James provides more detail on how the mowers are performing for us while also looking at the superior floatation of the front mower using a transverse pivot range of 17°, 500mm adaptive range and an active spring compensator.

The second part of the series on the McHale mowers sees Gareth get behind the wheel to cut some grass. He can be seen putting the mowers through their paces cutting a heavy first cut of undulating ground in Northern Ireland.

The final part of the series of the testing review carried out by Grassmen see’s local Ballymena contractor, DJ McKay & Son get behind the wheel to pilot the Valtra and McHale Pro Glide mowers. DJ doesn’t hang about in getting to grips with these mowers and was well impressed with the floatation of the mowers as he said, “The mowers float very well. The way the front and back mowers float and follow the ground is great.”

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