McHale launch Fusion Vario Plus at this year’s National Ploughing Championships

At this year’s National Ploughing Championships, McHale are proud to present the new McHale Fusion Vario Plus.

McHale Fusion Vario Plus


The McHale Fusion Vario has been a machine of choice for contractors and large-scale farmers around the world who require the ability to bale and wrap various size bales in different crops. There has been a requirement in the variable chamber baler market since the introduction of film binding technology and the benefits it brings. At this year’s National Ploughing Championships, McHale are proud to present the new McHale Fusion Vario Plus.

The McHale Fusion Vario Plus is a fully automatic variable chamber baler wrapper which can apply film or net wrap to the barrel of the bale, delivering optimum bale shape and bale density. The Vario Plus can provide high quality fodder through the use of the film binding system, resulting in better quality silage and a bale that is easier feed out.

The new Fusion Vario Plus has received a more modern progressive look with its specially designed twin skin panels and features enhanced throughput, increased bale density and faster wrapping speeds. A focus has also been placed on operator comfort whilst still ensuring the reliability and heavy-duty build quality that McHale is renowned for remains.


Martin McHale – McHale Marketing & Sales Director said:

“The variable chamber market has been seeking a machine with film binding capabilities. The new Fusion Vario Plus utilises our proven film binding technology and has focused on higher output and comfort for the operator. There is also an increase in throughput thanks to the new Profi-Flo pick-up along with higher bale density and faster wrapping speeds”


Film Binding Advantages

The McHale Fusion Vario Plus is a machine which can apply plastic to the barrel of the bale instead of twine or net wrap. The advantages of this system are:

  1. Chamber film acts as a wrapping layer
  2. Chamber film results in better shaped bales
  3. Chamber film delivers higher quality silage
  4. Chamber film makes recycling easier

Should an operator wish to use net wrap for hay or straw, this can be done with a simple changeover.


ISOBUS Compatibility

In designing the Fusion Vario Plus, operator comfort and friendliness were at the forefront of the machine’s development. The Vario Plus is ISOBUS compatible to allow the operator to experience the highest level of customisation and performance. It can be plugged into any ISOBUS tractor connection and operated via the tractor’s own terminal in the cab. If the customer wishes to operate an ISOBUS controlled machine with a tractor that is not ISOBUS compatible, they can do so through the McHale ISO-Play consoles which are available as an optional extra.


Profi-Flo Pick-Up with Adaptive Intake

The new Profi-Flo pick-up has been designed to increase crop intake through more efficient crop flow. The new tapered feed channel encourages the crop to flow from the pick-up, towards the rotor and into the bale chamber, maximising throughput. To reduce maintenance, all Profi-Flo pick-ups are fitted with a heavier driveline which reduces chain load and increases chain life.

McHale have also introduced the Adaptive Intake which has been specifically designed to allow the intake area to automatically adjust up and down to changes in material flow.

The design of this intake area has a number of advantages;

  • The intake area automatically adjusts to the volume of crop which allows the machine capacity to be maximised in light and heavy rows / swaths.
  • Intake area automatically adjusts to allow the machine to better handle uneven and lumpy rows / swaths.
  • Better crop intake.
  • Less chance of blockages occurring.

James Heanue – McHale Irish Sales Manager said:

“The new Profi-Flo pick-up sees an improvement in intake and increases throughput capacity. ISOBUS has also made the whole baling experience easier and more enjoyable for operators from a driving and maintenance perspective.”


The new Fusion Vario features a Quicker Bale Transfer & Faster Wrapping Speeds. An improved transfer with a smoother sequence reduces the transfer delay while the wrapping speeds have increased to match the new machine intake.

A Control Keypad is fitted to the rear of the Fusion Vario Plus to allow the operator to control the following functions:

  • Indexing of the wrapper
  • Rear Wrapping Roller Up / Down
  • Wrapper Start / Pause
  • Cut & Hold Release
  • Work Lights
  • Two spare customisable buttons.


Other features include

  • The McHale Fusion Vario Plus features Active Density Control which results in an increase in bale density, due to higher loads being exerted on the bale at the optimum stages of bale formation.


  • All McHale Fusion Vario Plus machines come equipped with an Intelli-Chamber which has increased the speed at which the chamber opens & closes for more productivity. This technology determines the opening height of the chamber to suit the bale diameter and increase bale ejection speed as the chamber is only opening to the size required to eject the bale. Operator comfort has also been enhanced to ensure this process is carried out in a seamless and gentle manner.


  • New Bale Shape Assist Indicators are fitted to the Fusion Vario Plus. A load cell on each door lock measures the bale load on each side and displays accurate bale shape feedback to the operator for informed driving and better bale shape.


  • The McHale Fusion Vario Plus is fitted with Individual Grease & Oil Pumps. The grease pump is connected to the downward movement of the bale tip, while the oil pump is connected to the upward movement of the bale tip. This ensures that grease and oil is applied evenly and continuously as the machine operates.


  • A larger Net/Film Brake has been fitted to all Fusion Vario Plus machines which provides 25% more tension to be easily achieved.


  • New Panel Lighting has been added to the machine to aid the operator when changing rolls of film when it is dark. These lights are neatly fitted underneath the side panels of the machines and can be switched on/off from the control console or the rear keypad on the machine.


Customers have the choice of the following Optional Extras

Depending on machine specification, a number of additional optional extras are available for machines which include:

  • 1000rpm Gearbox
  • Selectable Knives
  • NRF/Net Loading Device
  • Side Tip
  • Bale Weighing & Moisture System


To learn more about the new McHale Fusion Vario Plus, please visit McHale at Block 2, Row 17, Stand 289 at the National Ploughing Championships.

Or alternatively visit the link below: