McHale Launch the V660 Variable Chamber Baler

Agritechnica Show – McHale launched the high output V660 variable chamber baler.

John Biggins Sales Manager at McHale explained,

“We now export to over 40 countries. Over the last number of years we have got a good share of the Integrated Baler Wrapper Market. Also our range of F5 fixed chamber balers has firmly established themselves in the markets in which we compete. This has allowed us as a company to target 50% of the European baler market, which is made up of fixed chamber balers and integrated baler wrappers, the remaining 50% is made up of variable chamber or belt balers.”

“Although at least eight out of every ten balers sold in Ireland is a fixed chamber model, which produces a 1.25 meter or four foot bales. In other countries with drier climates where more hay and straw are made, farmers favor bales with a larger diameter. Common sizes are 5 foot (1.5 meters) or even 5’6″ (1.65 meters)”.

With this in mind over the last three years we have been working on a variable chamber or belt baler, which would allow McHale to target the other 50% of the baler market.

Two years ago we built, tested and worked some variable chamber balers around the factory in Ireland and last winter we ran some units in New Zealand. This summer we have had some pre production units working in Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales, Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Japan.

“The feedback we have received has been good and the balers have been making good dense bales and users have told us that the machine has a good appetite and a high output.”

“Although the machine is primarily designed for dry crops. The machine has also performed very well in short heavy wet grass.” The machine has been tested well in the type of conditions we have had in Ireland over the last two years also a large number of bale of grass and lucerne for silage have been made.”

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