McHale Presents Set-up Series

The McHale Set-Up Series event was comprised of three live videos designed to inform the machine operator and owner how to attach, set up and adjust their McHale machine.

The series was presented by Mike Walsh from the Sales & Marketing team and the first episode features the McHale Pro Glide F3100 Front Mower and R3100 Rear Mower which was explained by McHale Service Manager, Ger O’Shea. In the first episode, we also had McHale Service Technician, Conor Murphy, run through the set-up procedure and some simple adjustments on the McHale R68-78 Centre Delivery Rake.

The second episode of the series saw McHale display their F5500 Fixed Chamber Baler, the V6750 Variable Chamber Baler and the Orbital High-Speed Round Bale Wrapper. McHale Service Engineer, Shane McKenna provides an in-depth explanation on how to attach and set-up a McHale F5500 and V6750 baler while also showing viewers the necessary adjustments to make on the machines when in the field.

In this episode, Conor also explains what is required when setting up a McHale Orbital wrapper including how to thread a roll of film and how to best maximise this machines output in the field.

The third and final episode in the series featured the renowned McHale Fusion 3 Plus which was presented by Ger O’Shea and Mike Walsh. This episode focused on all aspects of the McHale Fusion 3 Plus from attaching it to the tractor and making the necessary adjustments in the field. Ger ran through the iTouch control console on the machine while he also demonstrated to the audience the latest ISOBUS control console advancements. ISOBUS is now available on McHale Fusion 3 Plus and Pro machines and Ger showed the audience how ISOBUS works on a McHale Fusion 3 Plus when hooked to an ISOBUS compatible tractor.

All Set-Up videos along with exclusive McHale content are available to watch on the McHale YouTube Channel.