McHale showcase McHale ProPel Tedder Range at this year’s National Ploughing Championships

McHale have been producing a wide range of grassline machinery for over 30 years. Building on this reputation, McHale are proud to showcase their new McHale ProPel range of tedders at this year’s National Ploughing Championships.


McHale ProPel Tedder Range

The ProPel tedders are the ideal machines to lift and aerate even the heaviest crops. This results in the best quality fodder in the shortest time. The tedders have proven to be strong, robust machines which are highly efficient and reliable in all terrains. The McHale ProPel range consists of two models:



The McHale ProPel M6-770 is an easily manoeuvrable mounted machine which features superb ground contouring and stability on the most uneven terrain to provide effective tedding throughout the crop. The McHale ProPel T8 Tedder is a trailed machine that is fitted with a long carriage frame that connects the tedder to the tractor when in operation and serves as a carrier when in transit.


Martin McHale – McHale Marketing & Sales Director said:

“The new ProPel tedder range is a welcome addition to our grassline range. The design team have enhanced these machines by adding some nice features which aid the operator such as Rotor Height Adjustment, Rotor Angle Adjustment, and the Headland Management Systems”


All machines in the ProPel tedder range come equipped with the following features:



A central pivoting point on the ProPel M6-770 connects the headstock to the chassis which ensures an effective re-centring on slopes and reduces the machine overhang. The trailed T8 tedder is coupled to the tractor by a 2-point linkage headstock. By pivoting the machine behind the headstock, it can follow very closely behind the tractor which is beneficial in navigating difficult to access areas.



A v-shaped central chassis on all McHale mounted tedders provide a strong, stable machine when in operation and transport. The McHale ProPel T8 trailed machines are equipped with a trailed chassis which acts as a carrier frame when in transport.



Power is transferred to the rotors using a heavy-duty driveline with greaseable universal joints that ensure direct and even power transfer in all operating conditions. An overload clutch protects the driveline while all pivoting points are incorporated in the cast housing for long-lasting operation. The driveline is equipped with flexible joints which can be easily accessed for greasing and maintenance.



All McHale tedders are fitted with 1.54m (61”) diameter rotors that are equipped with 7 tine arms that all support a double hooked tine for the clean, even lift and distribution of crop. These large circumference rotors operate at relatively low revolutions which offers more time for the crop to be lifted and released by the hook tines.

Operators have the ability to adjust the angle and height of the rotors if required. Rotor angle adjustment is made by altering the position of the rotor ground wheels into one of five positions to set the angle from 10° to 17°. The height at which the rotors operate can be easily adjusted on the ProPel M6-770 by simply reducing or extending the top link. On trailed tedders, the rotor height is adjusted by turning the simple wind handle.

In order to stop the crop from becoming entangled in the rotor wheels, crop deflection plates divert the crop to the rear of the machine.



All tedders in the McHale ProPel Tedder range are equipped with a double hook tine to ensure all crop is cleanly lifted to provide a large and even spread. Thanks to the heavy-duty hook tine, the crop is distributed high, evenly and far behind the machine to leave the ground clean and provide a consistent spread of crop for drying.



The McHale ProPel M6-770 folds vertically to a height of 3.8m, for a compact road transport position. The McHale ProPel T8-1020 can be quickly and neatly folded onto the chassis at a transport width of 2.9m. The low centre of gravity and high speed, 6 stud axle, offer a comfortable, fast and stable transportation speed of up to 40km/h.



The McHale Tedder range is designed to provide exceptional trailing, avoid overrun on slopes and give an even, consistent tedding pattern in all directions. To achieve this, the McHale ProPel M6-770 mounted tedders are fitted with oscillating dampers and a robust steering system in order to follow the tractor around curves and ensure a stable and reliable operation during the tedding process.

On the trailed machine, the 2-point lower linkage headstock performs a similar function during road transport and field operation with the tedder behind following smoothly around tight turns.


Headland Management System

When tedding the headlands or around obstacles, the optional Headland Management System can be hydraulically folded into position by the operator in the cab. This allows the tedder to operate at full working width at all times as the crop is deflected away from the edge of the field to allow for easy raking. When operating in hay, it can also indicate which areas have already been tedded.


James Heanue – McHale Irish Sales Manager said:

“The machines we have out working have performed very well and customers are very satisfied with their features and performance. I will be happy to take customers and dealers through the M6-770 & T8-1020 machines at the Ploughing.”


To learn more about the new McHale ProPel Tedder Range please visit McHale at Block 2, Row 17, Stand 289 at the National Ploughing Championships.

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