New Product Launch For McHale

Building on their comprehensive range of grass machinery, McHale will introduce their R 62-72 centre delivery rake on stand number 331 at the National Ploughing Championships in Tullamore on the 19th of September.

McHale rakes have been tested in the world’s most difficult conditions in order to deliver a machine which is efficient and reliable in all terrain.

James Heanue, Irish Sales Manager explained

“We are an Irish company and do a lot of product testing here from which we get a lot of good feedback. This allows us to develop heavy duty products suitable for heavy Irish crops. We had a number of rakes out with customers over the last two seasons and the feedback has been excellent, customers liked the heavy duty build quality and also the unique McHale features.”

McHale Design

The McHale R 62-72 rake is an ideal machine for those who want to get the best fodder by delivering an aerated swath. The rakes deliver an ideal swath for high output baling or harvesting.

The pivoting headstock of a McHale rake couples into the tractor linkage arms and controls the steering system.

On the McHale R 62-72 rake the drive line flows through a wide angle gearbox to the individual rotors. Each rotor on the McHale centre delivery rake picks the crop only once and places it in a loose aerated swath.

The rotors on the McHale centre delivery rake are suspended centrally and both rotors operate at equal ground pressures across the working width. The suspension system allows the rotors to follow all ground contours regardless of the terrain. McHale centre delivery rakes are powerful but gentle on the crop, delivering the perfect row.

The McHale R 62-72 twin rotor centre delivery is equipped with a height adjustment indicator so tine height can be adjusted easily.

Combining Two Ten Foot Rows

The tines on each tine arm guarantees the cleanest sweep delivering uncontaminated fodder into the row. The tine movement can be adjusted allowing the operator to adjust the cam angle which in turn adjusts when the tine releases the crop to cater for different crop conditions.

Rake with baler in the background

The McHale R62-72 twin-rotor centre delivery rake offers a number of different working widths from 6.2 to 7.2 meters. The variable working width is adjusted hydraulically by the telescoping arms from the tractor seat. The R62-72 can be used to combine multiple mower rows or to row up grass which is left on the flat.

Raking grass on the flat

For transport, the rotors are folded up and they move down into a locking position which delivers a transport height under 4 meters. As a result, tine arms do not need to be removed for transport.

The rake is designed to deliver a tight turning movement and high output. The low-maintenance steering system is effective in even the tightest turns.

Rake folded & Steering Axle

Once at the field the crop deflector moves automatically into the working position as the rake is being folded down.

The axle and wheel configuration protects the swarth ensuring the cleanest possible crop is delivered into the swath. McHale rakes are specifically designed to deliver high headland clearance.

The McHale R62-72 is equipped as standard with 380/55 -17 wide tyres which give excellent stability on the road while minimising compaction in the field. The transport running gear is approved for 40 km/h.

Each rotor is also equipped with centralised grease blocks to facilitate easy maintenance and cam adjustment to change when the tines release the crop depending on working conditions.

When asked about how the new range will be received Martin McHale said

“I feel it will be well accepted, the machines we have out have performed well and the feedback has been excellent.”

Bale from Raked Row