New Zealand Customer Review – Finch Contracting

McHale Fusion 3 Plus lives up to its promise

Since Finch Contracting purchased the machine in September 2013 they have already made 11,000 bales with their new McHale Fusion 3 Plus. Darcy says “Our last round baler was also a McHale. We’ve had a good run out of them. They’re a well-built, reliable baler.” Combination machines also work best for Finch Contracting as the jobs of baling and wrapping are completed by the one machine requiring one tractor and driver rather than two.

Darcy Finch’s main reason for purchasing the Fusion 3 Plus is due to the fact that McHale designed the baler to give the operator the ability to use netwrap or plastic. “All the reports, both from overseas and here in New Zealand say using plastic rather than net gives better silage quality. That was the main reason we got the new model,” Darcy says. There are a number of other benefits of Darcy’s new machine that impressed him such as the simplicity to switch between netwrap and plastic for hay and silage, the 2m pick-up, and the 25 knife chopper unit. Overall, Darcy Finch is satisfied with the performance of his new McHale Fusion 3 Plus and the quality of bale it is producing in such an efficient manner it’s no wonder Darcy’s life is made easier since the elimination of the netwrap.

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