New Zealand Customer Review – Frank Williams

The McHale Fusion Vario proves a big hit in New Zealand

Frank Williams owned Langsford Contracting up until April 2013, and last season he took part in an extensive trial of the Fusion Vario. The McHale Fusion Vario is a variable chamber combination with patented belt transfer and wrapping systems. McHale has combined the best of the Fusion 3 baler and V660 variable belt baler in one efficient system. The Fusion Vario is designed to offer operators more versatility for the type of crops they can bale and wrap and the size of bales they can produce. The McHale Fusion Vario was trialled in New Zealand and during that time Graeme Leigh of Power Farming says “It has proven to be a very consistent performer.” The transfer system is faultless on hills, which makes it ideal for New Zealand conditions.

The tip roller is designed to handle a wide range of bale sizes that the Fusion Vario produces. The tip roller adjusts its height in line with the bale size to ensure the plastic always goes onto the centre of the bale and ensures the high speed vertical wrapping ring applies the wrap with the correct overlap. Contractor Frank Williams had the McHale Fusion Vario on trial for a number of months and said “What we were looking for was a reliable compact variable chamber baler/wrapper combination. The Fusion Vario is based on the McHale V660 variable chamber baler, which is a really reliable baler.”

The McHale Fusion Vario possesses a number of impressive features as standard such as the 2m five tine bar pick-up, 15 knife chopper system with heavy duty motor, double drive variable chamber, three belt chamber with endless belts, and drop-floor unblocking which according to Frank Williams was “nice to use and didn’t have any major blockages”. All of these are controlled from McHales iTouch Control System which is displayed on a 7 inch monitor that is connected to a camera allowing the operator to view the transferring and tipping of the bale at various predetermined points along the process.

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