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991BJS – Round Bale Wrapper

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Technical Data

991BJS Joystick Controlled Trailed Round Bale Wrapper

The McHale 991B range of round bale wrappers sets the pace for efficient and effective round bale wrapping. The 991 round bale wrapping range features practical design, quality components and precision engineering making the McHale bale wrapping range the first choice for contractors and farmers.



Packed with practical and reliable features, the 991B round bale wrapper range is designed with the efficient operator in mind. Round bale wrapper users should look towards the hydraulically operated cut and tie system, the efficient round bale wrapper dispenser, which maximises film usage and the 991B round bale wrappers patented ground supported damper system. Like all McHale round bale wrapper’s, the high output 991BJS bale wrapper will deliver a tightly wrapped silage bale that contains all the natural juices, which ensures increased nutritional value, while improving environmental protection.


The 991BJS round bale wrapper is a single lever servo joystick machine. A single lever servo joystick provides accurate control and ease of bale wrapper operation from the tractor seat.

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The servo system on the 991BJS round bale wrapper uses low-pressure hydraulics, which gives a similar feel to the joystick used in telescopic loaders. This system gives a smooth transition between functions and is often favoured by high-end round bale wrapper users.


All McHale 991B round bale wrappers feature the uniquely designed McHale patented ground supported bale damper system. This is one of the most important features on the McHale round bale wrapper range.

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Only a McHale round bale wrapper will give you a ground supported bale damper, which will gently lower the wrapped round bale to the ground and at the same time eliminate all stress to the chassis of the round bale wrapper. When the rotating wrapping table on the 991B round bale wrapper stops and is raised to the tip position, the heavy-duty bale damper raises to cradle the bale while a second arm is lowered automatically to the ground. The heaviest of round bales can then be gently lowered eliminating any damage.


The McHale round bale wrapper range is fitted with a hydraulically operated cut and hold system, which at the end of the wrapping cycle cuts and holds the film in position ready to wrap the next round bale of silage. This time saving device eliminates the need to manually reattach the wrapping film. Uniquely designed, this system, which is fitted as standard on all 991B trailed bale wrappers works reliably and consistently in all weather conditions.


The McHale 991 Round Bale Wrapper dispensers lock and load system makes film loading really easy. When removing the core of the used roll the dispenser bobbin locks in place. When a new roll is loaded it can be locked in place by simply pulling the cord.


The 991 round bale wrapper chassis and lift arm have been extensively tested over the last 15 years. Many McHale round bale wrappers in the market place have wrapped 150,000 bales and customers have been more than happy with the way this heavy-duty bale wrapper has stood up to the task.


The round bale wrapping table on the 991BJS round bale wrapper is constructed of four heavy-duty belts, which ensure smooth and even bale rotation even when dealing with loose or asymmetric bales.

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A smooth wrapping seal is guaranteed as the machine delivers a 50% overlap. Shear bolt protection ensures that asymmetric shaped bales do not damage the machines gearbox or drive line.


On the 991BJS joystick round bale wrapper the cut and hold releases the plastic after two rotations of the bale wrapping table.


On the 991BJS round bale wrapper the wizard control console monitors round bale wrapper operation. The operator can set the number of layers to be applied and can monitor the revolutions per minute of the bale wrapping table. The wizard control console also allows the operator to store two job totals.


An optional side tip is available on all McHale 991B round bale wrapper models. This allows the machine to eject the bales on their ends after wrapping is complete.

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The main advantage of a side tip system is:

  • it tips the bales on their ends where there is more plastic, thus reducing damage in stubbly fields.
  • it allows the round bale to hold their shape better.


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Technical Data

Transport Width 2.45m (8’2”)
Protection Mechanism Shear bolt/ roll pin
Transport Length 5.7m (19’)
Attachment to tractor Tow bar
Driver Control 991BJS Single lever joy stick
Working speed-table (up to) 30 rotations/min
Electrical Requirements 991BJS 12v/Euro-plug
Lift Capacity @ 170 bar 1100 kg. (2425 lbs.)
Hydraulic connections 2 x 1/2” male quick releases
Wheel Dimensions 340 / 55 – 16
Hydraulic Requirements 22 l/min @ 170 bar
Weight (unladen) 1870 kg. (4123 lbs.)
Film Layers 2 + 2 or 2 + 2 + 2
Total Height 2.46m (8’1”)
Dispenser – Aluminium (70-55%) 750/500mm
Height to top of rollers 1.25m (4’2”)
Greasing Points 19

Length 3.27m (10’9”)
Width/Height 2.3m (7’7”)

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