Training for the Season Ahead

Over the last number of months there have been a large number of visitors to the factory for technical training before the season commences. This training was to ensure that our customers are supported in the field during the busy harvesting season.

We welcomed groups from all over the world including: Ireland, UK, Lithuania & Poland to name but a few.

Agronoja, our importer from Lithuania.

Service Engineers from our Dealer Network in Poland.

Service Training visit with technicians from our UK Dealer network.

Some training was carried out at the premises of the distributor or importer, which was the case in America, France, Uruguay and Sweden where our Service Engineers in cooperation with the importer/distributor carried out an intensive training session with the dealer network.

McHale Service Engineer Diarmuid McCarthy in Uruguay, with Agro Lavalle providing technical training and support.

McHale held a full week of service training for all regional importers in Sweden at Närkes Traktorcenter in Kumla.

McHale Product Training session with our French importers Sterenn Equipment.

Our Service Manager Ger O’Shea in Washington State USA, providing technical training and support for the busy season ahead.

Another intensive training session this time in Abbotsford, British Columbia


We would like to thank everyone who attended our training courses, and we look forward to a successful season ahead.