Fusion 3 – Integrated Baler Wrapper


The McHale Fusion combines two traditionally separate jobs and integrates them into a single operation which can be done by one man and one machine. This results in cost savings associated with financing & running a second tractor and sourcing & paying a second person.

This robust machine is simply not a wrapper coupled onto the back of a baler, it has been specifically designed as a high output integrated unit.

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Built to last and developed and tested on some of the worlds most rugged terrain, the McHale product range is known worldwide for its durability, reliability, innovation and value for money.

McHale recognise that there is constant pressure on businesses to reduce costs. As with all McHale machines the Fusion 3 integrated baler wrapper has been designed with the demands of today’s farmers and contractors in mind.


Customer Opinions


“We have bought five Fusions and would not consider any other combination. After running McHale Fusions for the last 12 years, and after doing 240,000 bales, I have not seen anything that can compete with the Fusion. Labour is getting scarcer, and with the Fusion it reduces the labour needed.”

“What I like about the Fusion is that if I go into a 12-acre field at 10 I will be back out the gate before 12 after making as many as 120 bales. The job is finished, and every bale is ready to be drawn.


“We currently run two McHale Fusion 3 balers. We’ve always had McHale machines. They’re built for consistency & reliability. You can rely on them to get the job done and that means everything.”

“We’ve made roughly 14,000 bales and not once have we had any issues. The pick-up of grass is unbelievable thanks to the Adaptive Intake. It’s excellent with very short grass, a very seamless pick-up.”

“Selectable knives are a very useful feature that allows us to keep working double the time before having to sharpen them. The vertical wrapping ring is very quick and reliable.


“With the Fusion we make between eight and ten thousand bales per year, we also do between eight and ten thousand bales with our Hesston, we work in a 15 – 20 mile radius of our yard. A wrapping contractor comes in and wraps the square bales of silage.”

“The Fusion has fundamentally changed the business; I bought the Fusion to cut down on a second man and to speed the job up. For anyone thinking about a combination, the Fusion is definitely a machine to have a look at as it is the best on the market. The control box on the Fusion is very simple, for a machine that is fully automatic the box is not complicated and is very user friendly. The build quality and back up service from McHale is very good.”

“Around that time more and more farmers started to ask to have their grass tedded and raked. Without taking on someone else we were short a man for the wrapper so we looked at the Fusion system and liked it”.

“Over the years people have started to focus on silage quality and have realised that they can get more milk from their cows if they improve their feed quality. We developed a reputation for good quality bales and could not do any more with one baler so we bought a second. We looked at other combination baler wrappers when we decided to buy a second machine but found they could not match the Fusion in terms of intake or output.
Since we bought a McHale we have never looked back, we got a lot more work due to the bale quality. The bales are wrapped instantly so there is no contamination from the ground.”


“The Fusion 3 is very reliable. There is a lot of grass compacted into the bales. The compact size of the combi baler is also very practical, as is the fast operation (wrapping etc.) of the machine. Our customer’s say there is much more grass in McHale bales compared to other balers they’ve had.”

“The control box is great and easy to understand, even for an inexperienced crew. It is easy to switch knifes and changing the plastic wrappers is also fast. There is a fast transfer of the bale from the chamber to the wrapper, and they don’t break!”.”



Fusion 3 & Fusion 3 Plus Buyer’s Guide

Launched in late 2012, the Fusion 3 combination baler wrapper was joined by the Fusion 3 Plus in 2014. The Plus version adds film-on-film or NRF (Net Replacing Film) wrapping, further broadening the appeal of these
fixed-chamber combi machines. Strong demand has helped to ensure firm residuals for both the Fusion 3 and Fusion 3 Plus entering the used market, but where are the keys to unlocking the best second-hand buy?