995LM – Square Bale Wrapper


The McHale 995LM mini square bale wrapper is the practical and versatile solution for wrapping conventional square bales and mini round bales. McHale common sense design, quality components and precision engineering the 995LM mini square bale wrapper is the trusted choice for farmers who want high output and consistent performance for use in static locations.

On the 995LM mini square bale wrapper the rotating rollers ensures an even rotation of the bale and the efficient application of the film. Versatile too, with a simple adjustment the 995LM mini square bale wrapper will equally and efficiently wrap mini round bales. Like all McHale square bale wrappers, the high output 995 LM mini square bale wrapper will give you a tightly wrapped bale that contains all the natural juices for increased nutritional value, while improving environmental protection.

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Built to last and developed and tested on some of the worlds most rugged terrain, the McHale product range is known worldwide for its durability, reliability, innovation and value for money.

McHale recognise that there is constant pressure on businesses to reduce costs. As with all McHale machines the 995LM Square Bale Wrapper has been designed with the demands of today’s farmers and contractors in mind.


Customer Opinions


“We breed top class racehorses, which require the best forage, the McHale bale wrappers allow us to control the haylage we produce and ensure we get the best”.”

“ Its strong, well put together and has good back up. I now run two machines to increase output, we have done 18,000 bales with no breakdowns. It has low loading, a very low power requirement and the bale wrap computer is standard.”


“The computer is easy to use and once the machine is set for the season, it works all season with the minimum of fuss and servicing”.

“I have not needed any backup service. I am delighted with the machine”.



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