HS2000 – Inline Round Bale Wrapper 


The HS2000 high speed round bale wrapper is capable of wrapping in excess of 100 bales per hour as a trailed machine applying 4 layers of film. The HS2000 round bale wrapper is a dual-purpose machine, which can be operated in one of two ways;

  • Offset behind a tractor – in this position the HS2000 round bale wrapper is capable of wrapping 80 – 100 bales per hour.
  • Inline behind a baler – here the HS2000 round bale wrapper will match the output of the baler.
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Built to last and developed and tested on some of the worlds most rugged terrain, the McHale product range is known worldwide for its durability, reliability, innovation and value for money.

McHale recognise that there is constant pressure on businesses to reduce costs. As with all McHale machines the HS2000 high speed round bale wrapper has been designed with the demands of today’s farmers and contractors in mind.


Customer Opinions


“The move to the HS2000 made a big difference in terms of speed, it has allowed us to bale more and wrap more which has meant the day finishes at 9pm instead of midnight.”

“We find the HS2000 very versatile, sometimes we use it and control it with the remote control for yard wrapping.”



“The technicians were very helpful and my main reason for buying the HS2000 was to keep up with 3 balers.”

“The ease of operation ensures a quality wrap”, he also commented that “the in cab monitor is very user friendly, allowing new drivers to operate the machine easily. I believe McHale are the leaders in their field and I intend to purchase a baler in the near future”.


“My baling is in the spring, summer and autumn and I also do a lot of wrapping for myself. I decided to purchase a McHale HS2000 wrapper because it was very handy, was easy to work and I heard good reports about them. ”


991, 998 & HS2000 Buyer’s Guide

McHale introduced its trailed 991 round bale wrappers to the UK market in 1992, along with the letter designations B, BC, BJ, BJS and BE letters – which, in turn, indicate the machines’ age and basic spec. Joining the 991 in 2001, the HS2000 became the ‘high speed’ brother to the still popular 991, while the ‘flag’ 998 square bale models completed the McHale wrapper line in 1998. James de Havilland takes a look at the machine that started it all