F540 – Non Chopper Fixed Chamber Baler


The McHale F540 is a non-chopper round baler. The McHale F540 non-chopper baler features a star shaped feed rotor to quickly and efficiently move the crop from the pick up into the bale chamber. This maximizes the baler performance and throughput.

The F540 non chopper round baler comes standard with the McHale Drop Floor Unblocking System, 50mm Bearings on the bale chamber, heavy-duty chains and a continuous oiling system.

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Built to last and developed and tested on some of the worlds most rugged terrain, the McHale product range is known worldwide for its durability, reliability, innovation and value for money.

McHale recognise that there is constant pressure on businesses to reduce costs. As with all McHale machines the F5 fixed chamber baler range has been designed with the demands of today’s farmers and contractors in mind.


Customer Opinions


“The McHale Fusion 2 is a superb machine. I had nearly got out of baling until I looked at and bought the Fusion.”

“You save a lot more time, one man and one tractor leave the yard to do one job. Most of my ground in Wicklow is hilly and the machine works very well. The output and chop quality are great. We get very good hard bales, leaving the customer happy with the job.


“The McHale Fusion’s work well for us. We work a Fusion 1 and a Fusion 2, the transfer system wastes no time putting the bale onto the wrapper, which is important in a combination baler.”

“The output and density of the bales is very good. We would not work anything else after working the McHale Fusion.”



“Overall the McHale Fusion 2 makes the working day a lot easier as it has high output and reduces the costs associated with running a separate baler and wrapper with two tractors and two drivers he output and density of the bales is very good. We would not work anything else after working the McHale Fusion.”

“Even when we use the McHale Fusion 2 on hills, it moves the bale from the baler to the wrapper positively and with ease. This machine is compact which makes it easy to turn into fields off Devon narrow lanes. The McHale Fusion 2 is a dream to use and reduces costs and makes it much easier to organise work.”

“The oldest Fusion is now 6 seasons old and did its duty very good! Reliable, robust and expensive made, it was built to last. The genius wrapping and plastic dispensers are a feature of the McHale Fusion I particularly like.”

“I never finished the day with a broken machine. Keep up the good work!!”

“It really has performed well. We have a few hills in our parts of the world and when using other makes of machine on downhill slopes, I was plagued with bales losing their way as they transfer from the chamber to the wrapping unit – some have dropped off and others have got stuck half-way. This machine copes well, whatever the terrain. If I had to highlight one feature it would be the machine’s ability to work well up hill and downhill. The transfer of the bale from the bale chamber to the wrapper is virtually failsafe”.

“We managed to bale and wrap 63 bales per hour, although the average would be nearer 60 – field sizes in this part of the country tend to be on the small size. It’s a user-friendly machine in the truest sense of the word”.


Fusion 1 & Fusion 2 Buyer’s Guide

Back in 2002, McHale introduced its Fusion combination baler wrapper. Specifically designed to produce and wrap silage bales, the original model was superseded by Fusion 2 for the 2008 season. James de Havilland checks out both variants and outlines key pointers when picking a used buy.


Fusion 2 – Mid-Season Maintenance

Michael Boyle, from Milltown, Co Galway, has been a service technician with McHale Farm Machinery for almost 20 years. He has been working on the McHale Fusion integrated baler and wrapper unit since it came to the market in 2003, so he has a vast knowledge of the machine. For this piece, we chose a 2012 McHale Fusion 2 combination baler doing an average of 13,000 bales per year, a typical contractor or farmers’ machine being worked around the country.